Did you miss yesterday’s session at ISTE 2015, “Digital Teachers, Digital Principals: Transforming the Ways We Engage Students”?

If you missed Julie Evans’s session with Kari Stubbs, Robert Miller, and Matthew Brown about digital content and games yesterday at ISTE 2015, you can still download our white paper with BrainPOP that explores transformative teaching. Check out some information below:

As the new school year starts, K-12 education leaders all across the country are re-focusing their efforts on providing students with learning experiences that develop the college, career and civic readiness skills so highly coveted by higher education, employers and policymakers. In many districts, this means a significant change in curriculum and classroom teaching methodologies. Not surprisingly, school and district leaders are increasingly interested in exploring new roles for the use of emerging technologies to support this transformation of the classroom learning process.

In this whitepaper we examine the evolving role of digital content to support student learning from the perspective of the classroom teacher and the school principal. Starting with a broad review of digital content use to empower transformed learning experiences, this white paper delves specifically into the emerging role of digital games to both engage students and enable a new classroom environment.

Key Findings include:

  • Over one-third of elementary teachers (35 percent) and 1 of 5 middle school teachers (21 percent) report regular usage of digital games within their classroom.
  • These game-using teachers see the primary benefit of digital games as increased student engagement in learning (88 percent); 72 percent of digital principals agree.
  • Teachers who are using digital games in their classroom have a greater appreciation for the overall impact of technology on student outcomes and teacher effectiveness.
  • 60 percent of school principals say that having enough computers or devices with Internet access is a major obstacle to the greater adoption of digital content in their schools.
  • Both teachers and school principals share a common set of determinants for evaluating the quality of digital content.
Engaging Students, Empowering Learning: New Roles for Digital Content and Games in the Classroom is a special collaboration between BrainPOP® and Project Tomorrow®. Click here to download a copy of the report.

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