Follow our Speak Up 2015 timeline to help plan your school year

Speak Up 2015 is only two months away! To those starting the new school year this month or the beginning of next month, we’ve provided a short timeline with key Speak Up dates and suggestions to help you plan your year.

June-September 2015

October 2015

November 2015

  • Starting in November, Speak Up preliminary results will be available for contacts to view online. These results will be updated on a weekly basis until the official data release in February 2016.
  • Encourage your teachers to take the survey as a class activity before Thanksgiving break – check out our lesson plans to help facilitate the process.
  • Utilize our sample Speak Up tweets by sharing them to your Twitter page, or retweet our @SpeakUpEd tweets.
  • Continue checking your survey counts, sending weekly reminders to your school(s), and looking out for our weekly email messages.

December 2015

  • Final stretch! Speak Up closes on December 18.
  • Encourage your school(s) to take the survey before leaving for winter break.
  • Unsatisfied with your survey totals? Use our sample emails to spread the word to parents and educators.

January 2015

  • Welcome back to school! Enjoy the beginning of the new year while we prepare the Speak Up data for release.

February 2015

  • Early February 2016: release of Speak Up 2015 data to participating schools and districts. Check your email for instructions on how to access your data.
  • Share your Speak Up data with your school(s) through our PowerPoint presentation template or by posting the data on your website.

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