Happy Back to the Future Day!

Today is the day that Marty McFly traveled into the “future” to in Back to the Future Part II! While we still haven’t perfected the time traveling car or hoverboard, a lot has happened in the thirty years since the original Back to the Future film came out.

In honor of this historic day in film – and the fact that Marty was a time traveling high school student – we encourage you and any students you know to take the Speak Up survey and share your predictions about the future of learning! This year’s Grade 6-12 surveys ask students to predict what “school” will be like five years from now in 2020:

Help us predict the future of learning! What will “school” be like five years from now in 2020? How will emerging technologies change the way students go to school, take classes, interact with their teachers and classmates, and learn about the world? Share your ideas with us and we will share them with the futurists who are thinking about this same topic – your ideas are important to those discussions!

What do you think the future of learning will be like in five years? In thirty years? Will we finally have hoverboards – or a Jaws 19 film? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet your predictions to us at @ProjectTomorrow and/or @SpeakUpEd.

We also encourage you to follow the White House’s Back to the Future Day virtual celebration, where they will be discussing the current state of time travel, the human brain, and more! Click here to join the fun.