California Educators & Tech Leaders, don’t miss Julie’s presentations this week!

California educators and technology leaders – Julie Evans is hosting sessions this week at the CETPA Annual Conference and eLearning Strategies Symposium! If you’re attending these events, be sure to mark her sessions down to learn more about our Speak Up data about students, digital learning, blended learning, and more.

CETPA Annual Conference
Top 10 Things Tech Leaders Should Know about Today’s Students and Digital Learning
Tuesday, December 1st
4:50pm-5:40pm in Room 411B

Since 2003, the Speak Up Research Project has collected the authentic, unfiltered views and ideas of almost 4 million K-12 students, parents and educators on digital learning. The annual data findings regularly inform federal, state and local policies, programs and funding for education technology. In this session, we will leverage the national and California specific findings to debunk lingering mythology around student use of technology, in school and out of school, and provide you with new insights on digital learning expectations and aspirations. With a focus on the key trends in mobile, blended and virtual learning, we will also examine the role of digital content, social media and online assessments in the development of new learning environments – and what tech leaders need to know to best support your stakeholders. In addition to the student data, the session will also include key findings from parents, teachers and administrators. Tech leaders will have opportunities to share their perspectives on these topics in this highly interactive session and to learn how their school or district can participate in the annual Speak Up process.

eLearning Strategies Symposium
Keynote: Taking the Pulse on eLearning Today: The Views of K12 Students, Educators and Parents
Friday, December 4th
8:30am-9:30am in Pacific 2-4

For the past 13 years, the Speak Up Research Project has collected and reported on the views of almost 4 million K-12 students, educators and parents regarding digital learning. Using current and longitudinal Speak Up data, we will provide new insights into the students’ vision for the use of games, mobile devices and digital content within learning, and counter mythology with the authentic views of teachers and parents regarding technology use within instruction. Going beyond anecdotes and assumptions, this interactive and eye-opening presentation will provide leaders with new metrics for evaluating the pulse of eLearning in their school or district.

1-2-3-4 New Ways to Examine Blended Learning Outcomes
Friday, December 4th
11:05am-12:05pm in Emerald Bay 3

While the debate continues as to how to measure outcomes in blended learning environments, some districts are now evaluating their blended learning programs based upon student annual growth, student engagement in learning, teacher effectiveness and parental support. In this flipped seminar, we will explore the how/when/why/what of those outcome measures, and collaboratively develop a new template for assessing the real impact of blended learning.

We look forward to seeing you this week!