TOMORROW is your last chance to take the Speak Up survey!

There is still time to Speak Up and share your thoughts about education! Visit to take the survey by 11:59pm on Friday, December 18th – all participating districts are eligible to win a free national or regional conference registration!

Once you’ve submitted your survey, please share the national survey link ( with your friends, students, parents, administrators, community organization members, affiliates, or anyone who has a passion for improving education – we want everyone to have a voice in the future of how technology is used in our nation’s schools!

If you would like to share the survey via email or social media page, feel free to use our text below:

Have a voice on educational policy by taking the Speak Up survey! Only takes 15 minutes or less to complete and you are adding invaluable input to key educational issues like the homework gap- kids access to internet, technology in schools, and more! Either take the general public survey (community) or parent survey if you have a kid in grades K-12

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