Webinar: How to Harness Students’ Evolving Vision for Learning: Research & Recommendations

Happy new year! We hope you enjoyed the holidays! We’re excited to kick off 2016 with our upcoming webinar with our friends at ABC-CLIO and Libraries Unlimited. Check out the details below:

How to Harness Students’ Evolving Vision for Learning: Research & Recommendations
Tuesday, January 12 at 1pm PT/4pm ET
Presented by Julie Evans, CEO, Project Tomorrow
Analysis of the Speak Up Research Project data reveals that today’s K-12 students have a unique vision for digital learning that is often surprising and sometimes perplexing to the adults in their learning lives. Students are increasingly tapping into a diverse set of digital tools, content and resources to self-direct learning around areas of academic passion, both in and out of school. Most importantly, this emerging learning behavior is shaping how the students view information, research, learning and school.
In this webinar, Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, will explore this phenomenon as she addresses these questions from School Library Connection Editorial Experts:
  • What are the three elements that comprise the Student Vision for Digital Learning?
  • What types of learning experiences support the Student Vision?  How prevalent are those types of experiences in schools today?
  • How can teachers and librarians use this information about the Student Vision to transform learning in their schools?


Going beyond anecdotes and assumptions, this interactive and eye-opening webinar will provide school library leaders and educators with a new set of lenses for evaluating the future of learning. Julie will field questions from attendees after her presentation.
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