Inaugural Speak Up Study Club @ ISTE

Speak Up Study ClubAs part of our annual Speak Up survey of more than 500,000 students, educators and parents, we are rarely able to distribute all of the findings, so we’re trying something new this year!

At ISTE, we convened our first-ever Speak Up Study Club. Invited members each received exclusive Speak Up data, spent some time talking about digital learning trends and shared some thoughts about the 2016 Speak Up surveys and gave us plenty of new ideas for other ways to share national Speak Up data.

This small group of reporters, bloggers and influentials requested unpublished Speak Up data on several topics, including:

  • Administrators’ responses to whether or not they have implemented digital learning approaches (like blended learning, competency-based learning, flipped learning and more), and if these approaches have been successful in enhancing student achievement or teacher effectiveness.
  • Students’ responses to their interest level and engagement in school, and responses to their level of interest and ability to learn/study outside of school, broken down by gender.
  • Challenges identified by administrators to the use of technology within instruction.
  • Teachers’ thoughts on the benefits of incorporating mobile devices into instruction and whether or not their students are already using mobile devices regularly.
  • Administrators’ views on the types of digital learning skills/experiences pre-service teachers should acquire prior to earning a teaching credential or certificate.
  • How administrators measure the impact of technology projects or initiatives.
  • How many schools are offering online courses – including how many courses and for whom.
  • How likely parents are to purchase a mobile device for their child(ren) to bring to school, whether or not they view that as the school’s responsibility and whether or not they’ve already purchased a mobile device for school.
  • What students think are the best devices for different types of schoolwork, broken down by type of school.

We are thrilled to be able to help answer some of our Study Club’s questions and look forward to seeing what they do with their data!

If you would like to nominate someone to be part of our next Speak Up Study Club to receive never-before-released national data, please contact Amber Taylor (

Print to Pixel CoverIf you haven’t yet read the national 2015 Speak Up report, From Print to Pixel: The role of videos, games, animations and simulations within K-12 education, download it today.

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