*NEW: Special Offers for Speak Up Districts!

*NEW for Speak Up 2017* Project Tomorrow will award several top-performing Speak Up districts with grants (valued up to $7,500!) for services to help increase the value of your Speak Up participation. Speak Up closes for participation on January 26, 2018!

Speak Up District Leadership Grants (3)

Project Tomorrow will award District Leadership Grants – valued at $7,500 each – to three districts participating in Speak Up 2017 (Oct. 2017-Jan. 2018).

Winning districts will receive:

  • 5-page executive narrative report specific to your district
  • 3 customized infographics – select from our national data infographics and we will recreate them using your district data 
  • 5 hours of customized disaggregation of your district data, based on your needs. For instance: student data by gender or grade level, teacher data by years of experience, or parent data by home income
  • Customized presentation (virtual or in person) by our CEO and Chief Researcher for Speak Up, Dr. Julie Evans, on the most important trend lines from your district data – the things that you should be paying the most attention to today! 

Project Tomorrow will select the winners from the following groups:

Two winners will be selected from among all the top-performing districts (those with at least 3500 surveys); one winner will be selected from among our top-performing “rookie districts” (those who had not participated in Speak Up prior to 2017).

Parent Participation Leadership Awards

Every district with more than 1,000 completed parent surveys will receive one custom infographic plus be entered in to a drawing to win $1000 in Speak Up consulting services.

School Communications Recognition Award

Every district with at least one completed communications officer survey they will be entered in to a drawing to win $1000 in Speak Up consulting services.

–>>Don’t forget all the other offers – for teachers, administrators, communications officers and librarians – as well!

Speak Up surveys must all be submitted by January 26, 2018!

All winners will be announced by February 9, 2018.

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