Teachers PD: What Teachers Need, What Districts Are Offering

The Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning regularly asks teachers and administrators about professional learning: how teachers feel about their own skills, what support teachers are looking for, what districts are offering, and what they think about the effectiveness of professional development.

Our latest infographic on this topic, Professional Learning for Teachers: New Demands Need New Approaches, shares several of the findings, including:

  • Teachers’ comfort levels with using student data to inform instruction, creating project based learning experiences, personalizing learning and facilitating student collaborations using digital tools are lagging. Just 30% of teachers said they were “very comfortable” using data to inform instruction, and of those four practices, that was the highest number.
  • Motivating teachers to change instructional practice and staff professional development remain the top two challenges administrators face in implementing innovative tools in the classroom.
  • Teachers say collaborative time with their peers is their top need to effectively implement new teaching and learning innovations, followed by traditional professional development and in-school coaching.
  • Much like students, teachers’ self-directed learning has been evolving. Between 2010 and 2017, the percent of teachers attending face-to-face conferences has dropped, while teachers watching online videos, participating in webinars, using social networks and taking online courses have all increased.
  • While 64% of districts say they offer some sort of online professional development, just 39% reported positive results from these offerings.

View this infographic to learn more. Districts looking for this type of information from their own district should sign up to participate in Speak Up 2018-19. It’s easy and it’s free!

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