Choose Your Own Speak Up Questions (sort of)

For the last 15 years, all schools and districts have used the same questions as part of Speak Up participation. Most of the questions remain the same year-to-year (with a little updating for terms and technology), while 30-40% of the questions rotate and make room for new topics of interest.

We are happy to let administrators know they now have some control over the Speak Up questions they can ask their students, staff, parents and community! For schools who use Speak Up to track longitudinal (year-over-year) changes, you can now select to use the questions that were asked the last time your stakeholders participated, or to use the latest 2018 questions. (If you are new to Speak Up, you will use the 2018 question decks this year.)

When administrators are registered and logged in, they will now have the option to create a customized District Direct Landing. The second step of this set up is to select the version of the Speak Up questions to use this year:

  • Speak Up 2018-19 (includes a focus on coding and school safety)
  • Speak Up 2017 (includes a focus on math instruction and digital citizenship)
  • Speak Up 2016 (includes a focus on science instruction and data security)

Note that if a school district is participating in Speak Up, all of the schools within that district will use the same version of the questions. Individual school administrators may only select a question deck if their district is NOT registered to participate in Speak Up 2018-19. If your district is not registered and you would like to use a different version of Speak Up for your school, contact the Speak Up Team.

Additional options will be available for those using the Speak Up 2018-19 version:

  • Teacher PD Assessment + Speak Up 2018-19 (Available Nov. 1st) – The Teacher PD assessment is grouped with the 2018-19 version. Selecting this option will replace the Teacher questions with a shorter set of questions focused only on professional development.
  • Mobile Learning Evaluation (Available Nov. 1st) – This stand-alone option is an extension to the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning and offers a separate set of questions focused on mobile learning specifically for teachers and students only. Selecting this option will provide a set of questions focused on mobile learning specifically for teachers and students only. Select this option if you are interested in evaluating the impact of your mobile learning initiatives.

The Teacher PD Assessment and Mobile Learning Evaluation are an extension of the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning. You can use these options as stand-alone question sets or in conjunction with the 2018-19 Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning version.

We are excited to offer this additional Speak Up flexibility, and answer our users’s calls for this option to make the project even more useful!

Please join us on October 15th for one of two Speak Up 101 webinars where we will discuss these options and answer any questions you might have. As always, you are welcome to reach out to us at with questions as well!

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