Safeguarding Student Data, State of K-12 IT Report

As schools introduce new technology and shift more content to the cloud, data privacy continues to be a top concern of administrators and school technology leaders. Last fall, 58 percent of technology leaders said their top concern with cloud applications is ensuring data privacy. And, 71 percent of district administrators are concerned about the security of their network against malicious attacks or misbehavior.

So, what are they doing to protect their networks? According to Speak Up, most schools (70%) have hardware and software in place for protection. There is more understanding of the legal implications and much more education of teachers about policies and procedures. There has even been growth among schools to assign a staff person to oversee data privacy and security, with 45 percent of schools reporting this change.

When it comes to professional development though, while 61 percent of district administrators say teacher PD on student data privacy is a priority, only 8 percent of teachers said they need that type of training and one-third of technology leaders remain concerned about teachers’ understanding about student data privacy.

Speak Up 2018-19 is currently open. Schools and districts wishing to use the free tools can get started here:

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