Featured Blog Winner of 2018-19 Student Speak Up Challenge

By Anakin Guzzata
April 11, 2019
Eagle Valley Middle School
Carson City, NV

AnakinHelp us predict the future of learning! What will “school” be like in 2025? How will new technologies change the way students go to school, learn, and interact with their teachers and classmates?

The world in 2025 will be very different. There could be flying cars which can take you to one destination to another in a matter of minutes which could originally take hours, or there could be new tablets which can fold in certain ways where it is easy to grab and go. But besides things for transportation or personal use, how could schools be advanced with tech?

Technology is quickly advancing and it’s going to affect everyone who does or doesn’t use tech. But how will they affect schools? Well, like previously said, newer tablets could change the education system. There might be new programs for school on tablets. These tablets could have a very high amount of storage to download textbooks, assignments, podcasts, etc. This may even help the teachers. As of 2019 we have Google Classroom which works great for getting work done. But maybe around the time of 2025 the whole idea of Google Classroom could be replaced with something better. Also, if there were new tablets put into the education system, then they could theoretically retract or fold so it would be easier to put away and make sure it doesn’t get lost.

Another way technology could affect school is with VR (Virtual Reality). With advancements in VR the students could go onto field trips without even having to leave their desks. All they need to do is put on the goggles and in a matter of minutes and they could be exploring the depths of space or go as small as a cell. The students might learn better with the VR because to them it may feel like they are actually immersed into the subject. With the VR the students could also make more 3D projects and be “hands on” when they are modeling. But the Virtual Reality isn’t only just useful for 3D modeling and printing. It can be useful for numerous things like typing a Google Document and fixing the layouts on it, or even analyze text and annotate on the text. With VR being implemented into schools, it can open so many opportunities for students both starting off with school, or even students who are almost done with school.

And last but certainly not least another way technology will affect schools is with virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is what some people may have in their house, like an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant. If there were virtual assistants in all classes, that could help the students and the teachers. First off, students can use them by asking basic math questions for a math class, or to define a word that they don’t know for English. They could also use Virtual Assistants with screens for YouTube tutorials or other things that may involve a screen. The teachers also could use the assistants to read an audiobook to the class or for the class to listen to a podcast. These assistants can have so much potential around the classroom.

There is so much happening with the world technology wise. Advancements are being made every single day for transportation, personal use, household appliances, health and even schools. The things that were touched on are just the very beginning of what can be implemented into schools. Some schools give computers to every student to take home and use for homework or assignments. Some schools also have computer labs to learn about computer programming and coding so students can have an understanding in that field of area. But with these advancements, many things from years beyond will change.

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