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Speak Up Sneak Peek for #DLDay: Digital Equity and Access

Happy Digital Learning Day! We’re celebrating this special day by releasing sneak peeks of our Speak Up 2015 data – check out our digital equity and access data below:DLDayAccessSpeak Up Sneak Peek for #DLDay: Digital Equity and Access

68% of teachers* say that they are reluctant to assign digital homework or Internet dependent assignments or projects since some students may not have safe, consistent access to the Internet outside of school.
Top 5 ways that district administrators** say they are currently addressing this issue:
  1. Allowing students on campus before and after school to access school network (68%)
  2. Encouraging libraries and other public Internet locations to give students priority (52%)
  3. Telling students to download assignments and resources to USB sticks (45%)
  4. Discouraging assignments of homework that is Internet dependent (37%)
  5. Providing wifi access in school parking lots of student access (34%)
*Data from 35,903 teachers
**Data from 662 district administrators
Speak Up 2015 reports are coming soon! Visit www.tomorrow.org for more details.