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Speak Up Family & Friends: The Evolution of Blended and Competency-Based Schooling with DreamBox Learning

Happy Wednesday! Our friends at DreamBox Learning are hosting a special webinar about blended and competency-based schooling. Check out the details below:

The Evolution of Blended and Competency-Based Schooling: What Lies Beyond the Horizon?
Presented by Dr. Tim Hudson, Vice President of Learning, DreamBox Learning
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
3pm – 4pm ET
Even when we believe we’re thinking “outside the box,” we’re often limited in our capacity to envision new school models that are more personalized, leverage technology effectively, and ultimately improve learning. When designing schools and classrooms, we often don’t realize how heavily our ideas are influenced by the assumptions and mental models we have about learning and education. In this this webinar, Dr. Tim Hudson will explore some of these hidden assumptions and help us imagine the full implications of blended learning that ensures high achievement for all students. He will field questions from attendees during this live, interactive session. This webinar will useful for superintendents, principals, curriculum directors, curriculum coordinators, and IT professionals.
DreamBox Learning Math offers a groundbreaking combination of intelligent adaptive learning, rigorous elementary mathematics curriculum, and motivating learning environment. The innovative DreamBox platform captures every decision a student makes while working in the program and adjusts the student’s learning path appropriately, providing millions of individualized learning paths, each one tailored to a student’s unique needs.
We can’t wait to learn about blended learning with DreamBox Learning! Click here to sign up for their webinar.

Speak Up Family and Friends: Ensure Success in Algebra 1 with DreamBox Learning

Our friends at DreamBox Learning have just released new materials around algebra readiness and how to prepare students for algebra early. Included in these materials are a whitepaper (“Algebra Readiness through Deeper Learning in Middle School: How Teachers Can Empower Students to Achieve with Confidence”), an infographic, sample lessons, and a blog series.
With their algebra readiness materials, DreamBox Learning aims to empower teachers to reach, teach, and engage all students in meaningful math learning that prepares them for success in Algebra 1 and beyond. To view the materials, click on the image above or follow the links below.

Speak Up Family and Friends Upcoming Events

Happy Monday! Each week we’ll post upcoming events and programs from our Speak Up partners and sponsors. Check out the events below:

Alliance for Excellent Education
Webinar: “Lessons Learned from Fifty Years of Federal Education Policy”
May 18, 2:30PM ET
Click here to learn more

Webinar: “Online Assessments: Are You Ready?”
May 14, 1:00PM ET
Click here to register

DreamBox Learning
Whitepaper: “Nurturing the Middle School Mathematical Mind”
Download here
Click here to view the whitepaper

National School Boards Association
CUBE Webinar: “Brown v. Board of Education Digital Learning Day”
May 18, 3:15PM ET
Click here to learn more

Will you be attending any of these events? Let us know in the comment section!

Whitepaper from DreamBox Learning: Nurturing the Middle School Mathematical Mind

Middle school is a unique time in the psychosocial and academic development of all learners, and a particularly critical time for math students, who need to be engaged, excited, and prepared for the greater challenges they’ll face in high school. Our friends at DreamBox Learning created the whitepaper, Nurturing the Middle School Mathematical Mind, to explain the attitudes and behaviors that make pre-teen and young teen learners tick, and practical strategies your customers can use right now in schools and classrooms to help their students thrive and educators meet goals.

Check out DreamBox Learning’s infographic that goes along with their whitepaper – click here to view their infographic, or click on the image above. Special thanks to DreamBox Learning for using our Speak Up 2014 data in order to answer the question, “How do middle school students learn?”


Click here to download the whitepaper.
Click here to learn more about DreamBox Learning.

Free webinar this Thursday: Using Digital Tools to Personalize Learning and Empower Student Thinking

Where: online for free!
When: Thursday, August 14 at 3PM ET/12PM PT
What: “Using Digital Tools to Personalize Learning & Empower Student Thinking”
Sponsored by DreamBox Learning

In this webinar you’ll hear from Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, about the latest findings from the Speak Up National Research Project, and how digital tools are transforming teaching and learning. Topics will include learning with technology, 21st century skills, and STEM instruction. She will be joined by Dr. Tim Hudson, former high school math teacher and K–12 Math Curriculum Coordinator for Parkway School District in Missouri, and now Senior Director of Curriculum Design at DreamBox Learning, Inc., who will lead the discussion on how digital experiences in the K–8 math classroom can empower students to think independently, receive specific feedback, and self-direct their learning to achieve rigorous learning outcomes.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How K-12 learning and teaching is being transformed by digital tools
  • How administrators, teachers, and students are using technology to support learning
  • What the future for personalized, blended learning in the elementary and middle school classroom looks like
Don’t forget to take the conversation online by mentioning @SpeakUpEd, @ProjectTomorrow, @JulieEvans_PT, and/or @Dreambox_Learn on twitter!

The Future of Personalized Learning in Elementary Schools

A Webinar Sponsored by DreamBox Learning

Be sure to register for Thursday’s webinar- 08/29 
Have you participated in one of Julie Evans’ past webinars? If so, what new insights did you learn? If you haven’t had the chance to participate in any of Julie Evans’ past webinars, you may view them here
This coming Thursday, August 29th, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in another free webinar session presented by Project Tomorrow’s CEO, Julie Evans, and Neal Manegold, Curriculum Producer of DreamBox Learning.

The webinar, appropriately titled The Future of Personalized Learning in Elementary Schools, will focus upon the topic of personalized learning, and how today’s technological resources can help achieve personalized learning in our elementary schools.

To register for Thursday’s webinar, click here. The webinar will take place from 3-4pm Eastern time.

Who will be attending? Let us know in the comments! Have a great Tuesday.

– The Project Tomorrow team