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Speak Up Sneak Peek for #DLDay: Digital Equity and Leadership

Happy Digital Learning Day! We’re celebrating this special day by releasing sneak peeks of our Speak Up 2015 data – check out our digital equity and access data below:
Speak Up Sneak Peek for #DLDay: Digital Equity and Leadership
Leadership in changing school culture often means understanding what the current culture is and then identifying those areas in which you think the greatest change or impact is possible.
Teachers still do not value the effective use of technology as highly as administrators (and parents). Just 36% of teachers* said the effective use of instructional technology is extremely important to students’ success compared with 67% of district administrators**.
Top 5 educational approaches district administrators** say have the greatest potential to enhance student achievement in their districts:
  1. Enhancing teacher effectiveness through professional development (62%)
  2. Leveraging technology more effectively (51%)
  3. Integrating college and career ready skill development into instruction (44%)
  4. Enhancing the leadership skills of administrators (39%)
  5. Increasing STEM learning opportunities for students (34%)
*Data from 35,903 teachers
**Data from 662 district administrators
Speak Up 2015 reports are coming soon! Visit www.tomorrow.org for more details.