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Whitepaper from DreamBox Learning: Nurturing the Middle School Mathematical Mind

Middle school is a unique time in the psychosocial and academic development of all learners, and a particularly critical time for math students, who need to be engaged, excited, and prepared for the greater challenges they’ll face in high school. Our friends at DreamBox Learning created the whitepaper, Nurturing the Middle School Mathematical Mind, to explain the attitudes and behaviors that make pre-teen and young teen learners tick, and practical strategies your customers can use right now in schools and classrooms to help their students thrive and educators meet goals.

Check out DreamBox Learning’s infographic that goes along with their whitepaper – click here to view their infographic, or click on the image above. Special thanks to DreamBox Learning for using our Speak Up 2014 data in order to answer the question, “How do middle school students learn?”


Click here to download the whitepaper.
Click here to learn more about DreamBox Learning.