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Parent Snapshot 2015

Check out our first preliminary data snapshot of the week from this year’s Speak Up survey! This one is on parent data based on 20,417 surveys pulled on December 4th.

The Speak Up survey is open to anyone who is interested in sharing their thoughts about education. If you are not a student, educator, administrator or parent but would like to take the survey, please take our community members survey. Feel free to share the survey (http://bit.ly/SU15survey) with anyone who may be interested as well!

Last call for tomorrow’s webinar: Maximizing Your K-12 Communications to Support Student Success

Maximizing Your K-12 Communications to Support Student Success
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Presented by Julie Evans, CEO, Project Tomorrow
Did you know that 86% of the public believes that parent support is the most important way to ensure student achievement? Blackboard and Project Tomorrow have surveyed thousands of parents across the U.S. to understand how they want to be communicated with, which channels they prefer, and how to increase their engagement with schools and districts. In this webinar, explore the parent survey data we’ve collected and learn what tools and practices you need to maximize family and community engagement in your district that ultimately influence student success.
Join Project Tomorrow President & CEO Julie Evans to hear more about:
• What role parents feel social media and mobile have in K-12
• What parents believe are measures of student success
• What parents worry about for their child’s academic future
• What ways in which parents like to be communicated
Julie will field questions from the audience at the end of her presentation. K-12 administrators interested in parent engagement survey feedback and community engagement technology tools that will help districts maximize their communications will benefit from this webinar.
A CE certificate will be emailed to attendees within 24 hours of the live event.
If you miss the live session, a link to view the recording will be sent within 24 hours of the live event.
This is a free program from edWeb.net. edWeb.net is a social network and professional learning community that makes it easy for teachers and all educators to connect and collaborate with peers, share information and best practices, and spread innovative ideas to improve teaching and learning. To learn more about edWeb.net, click on their logo to the right.

Are you at #BbWorld15?

If so, plan to attend Julie Evans’s panel tomorrow, featuring input from parents about digital learning, communication, and more. Check out the details below:

Parent Panel: Parent Engagement to Drive Student Success
National Harbor 12 & 13
Wednesday, July 22
8:15am-9:00am EST

With the rise of digital learning, the transition to digital content, and near mobile ubiquity, teaching, learning, and communication are changing rapidly in K-12 education and so are school communities preferences and demand for communications and digital learning. And, parental involvement is leading contributing factor for student achievement. In this moderated panel discussion led by Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, we will hear from a panel of parents to better understand how schools can server their communication, teaching, and learning needs.

Live streaming of the event will be available! Click here to watch the panel online.

Infographic: Mobile Learning in the United States


In honor of Mobile Learning Week 2015, we created this handy infographic based on mobile learning data pulled from Speak Up 2014. Click here to view the full image, or click on the smaller version above. Let us know what you think!

Additionally, if you participated in Speak Up 2014, your data is now available for viewing! Click here to access your data or retrieve any lost passwords.

Speak Up 2014 Snapshot for Parents

This is a special blog posting by Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, to share some selected , preliminary data findings from Speak Up 2014 (data collected from November 25th from 16,200 parents of school aged children nationwide). The final data results will be published in a series of national reports in spring 2015.
Mobiles for learning?  Parents say yes!
Over the past 12 years, some of the most significant data findings from the Speak Up surveys have revolved around mobile devices and their use within the classroom.  While we continue each year to uncover new findings about how teachers and students are using laptops, tablets and smartphones to support learning, both in school and at home, I think the data from parents about their opinions on mobile learning, and their willingness to support this trend should be of equal importance to school and district leaders.  Parents not only mobilists themselves (users of mobile devices) but increasingly they also see these devices as essential learning tools for their children.
When asked to identify the benefits of student use of mobile devices within instruction, parents’ top responses in this year’s Speak Up surveys reflect a triad of core advantages associated with digital learning.
First, parents see mobile devices as providing their students with a gateway to increased access to learning content, most notably online textbooks (71 percent).   Parents place a high value on the role of digital content within learning today – and laptops, tablets, digital readers and even smartphones are an easy and convenient way for students to use that content anytime, anywhere.  The component of “anywhere learning” is further facilitated by the second core advantage of mobile devices.  Parents like the idea that their children could use a mobile to review class materials afterschool (67 percent), thus extending the learning day beyond the traditional 3 pm school bell.   This extension of the classroom experience, enabled by the mobile devices, also appears to yield an additional benefit of improving school to home communications for many parents as well (59 percent).  Finally, the third core advantage of mobile learning is the idea that these compelling, always on devices can increase student engagement in learning.  Almost 6 out of 10 parents say that increasing student engagement is a significant benefit of incorporating laptops and tablets within classroom instruction; teachers and administrators agree!
Parents’ perceptions about the benefits of mobile devices are more than a hypothetical discussion however.  Half of all parents of school aged children who completed a Speak Up survey  this year said they would like their child to be in a class where he/she could use their own mobile device to support learning.   While administrators’ views on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies is changing, this vote of approval for that kind of policy change should be a wakeup call for many school districts today.  Equally compelling for district leaders, parents appear to be willing to support that aspiration with a financial investment.  While 14 percent of parents say that they have already purchased a mobile device for their child to use specifically in school for academic purposes, an additional 44 percent say they would be willing to purchase a device for their child to use in class   if school policy allowed for that.  
Want to understand how supportive your school parents are for mobile learning?  Every school and district that participates in Speak Up and promotes the surveys to their parents, students and staff, receives a free report with both local and national data findings.  Speak Up 2014 surveys are open for input until December 19.  Local reports will be available February 5.  Here is your link to the surveys:  http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2014/

Sample emails for students and parents

Use these emails to quickly get the word out to students and parents via email. We have two sample emails for you to use: one to encourage your students to participate and one to encourage parents to take the survey. We recommend add your own personal encouragement to the emails.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Students Speak Up – Your ideas are important to us!
Open October 6th – December 19th, 2014

Your opinions matter to us!   We are participating in the online survey Speak Up, so that we can learn more about how you are using technology in class and for homework. We’d also like to know more about how you are using technology to learn and how you would like your teachers to use technology class.

The online survey is open to students, educators (including future educators) and parents; it’s quick and easy to get involved.   The survey will be open until December 19th, to take the survey visit: http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2014    
Your password is:
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Parents Speak Up – Your ideas are important to us!
Open October 6th– December 19th, 2014
Be a part of the conversation! Starting on Oct. 6thwe will be participating in the Speak Up national research project. Speak Up is the first survey designed to help parents share their ideas directly with schools and national policymakers. As key stakeholders, Speak Up provides parents with a mechanism for expressing their views to the administrators at their child(ren)’s school and district about key issues impacting their child(ren)’s education. Since 2003, Speak Up has collected and shared the views of over 3.4 million students, teachers, and parents from all 50 states, as well as internationally. By participating in Speak Up, parents are expressing their views to a wider audience of local, state, and national policy makers as well as the business community—and contributing to the national dialog about science, technology, and preparing students for the 21st century workforce.

The online survey is open to students, educators and parents; it’s quick and easy to get involved.  To take the survey visit: http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2014/ and click the blue parents enter here button!