Project Tomorrow Endorses ConnectED

Project Tomorrow is pleased to endorse ConnectED!
Project Tomorrow is pleased to endorse the ConnectED Initiative!
ConnectED is President Obama’s plan for preparing our students to be ready for careers in our current & future job market. Careers are overwhelmingly requiring, and will continue to require, technological skills of employees and employers.
The ConnectED Initiative will connect 99% of all K-12 schools in the United States with high speed wireless Internet connection within the next five years.
The ConnectED Initiative  will also invest in training our educators in utilizing technology to enhance the educational quality of our students.
To learn more about the ConnectED Initiative and learn how ConnectED works, visit the White House site here.
Please also read a letter written to the Federal Communications Commission, and endorsed by non-profit organizations (including Project Tomorrow), and other entities supporting the enhancement of educational quality in the United States here.
Speak Up Surveys, an initiative of Project Tomorrow, asks students, educators, parents, school and district administrators, community members, and more their unfiltered viewpoints on pivotal educational programs and concepts. We then synthesize the research, and release our results with local and national representatives to aid in the pursuit of educational enhancement.
Registration for Speak Up will begin shortly! Please continue to check our website, Project Tomorrow & Speak Up for more information.
Have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for your continued support in Project Tomorrow.
– The Project Tomorrow Team

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