The Need for STEM education & High Speed Internet

Increasingly, the need for mathematical and technical skills are being required of potential employees and future business owners worldwide as well as nationwide.
But what needs to be done in order to prepare the next generation of American workers?
Recently, Arne Duncan, Secretary of U.S. Education, promoted an urgent need for high speed Internet connection and the wide-spread implementation of STEM education programs across our nation’s K-12 schools.
One particular initiative put forth by the Obama administration (titled ConnectED), aims to have high speed broadband Internet connection in 99% of our nation’s schools within the next five years.
Duncan believes the implementation of high speed Internet connection in our schools will lead to an increase in science, math, and technology comprehension, as Internet connection will make it easier to explore careers and concepts utilized by high-speed broadband connection.
Project Tomorrow is pleased to support the ConnectED initiative, and we are highly anticipating the results of this pivotal plan. To learn more about the ConnectED initiative, read about it here or on the White House site.
In addition to ConnectED, the Educate to Innovate initiative, launched in November 2009, aims to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education in our schools. The initiative supports and promotes partnerships between businesses and schools to create an environment where STEM education is hands-on, and introduced at an earlier age to students. You can learn more about the Educate to Innovate initiative here.
You can also read more about Secretary Dunan’s recent statements regarding STEM education and the ConnectED intiave at here.
What are your hopes for the future of American education? Share your thoughts with us.
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