Emotional Intelligence: Can it be Taught?

By Jennifer Kahn of the New York Times
A myriad of academic subjects are taught to our children in schools across the nation…science, mathematics, English, and social studies, just to name a few. These subjects contribute to well-rounded students, but what about non-academic subjects, such as emotional intelligence, that may not contribute directly to enhanced academic knowledge, but may play a vital role in the comprehension of them?
Emotional intelligence, or the ability to be equipped with the learned skills to cope with a variety of emotions, may play a part in what separates the high-achieving students from the under-achieving students. Numerous studies have shown that the ability to cope with the flood of emotions humans experience each day, both at school and after-school, tremulously impacts the focus put into learning. 
So, what is being done about this?
Schools across the country are beginning to embrace this concept, and are teaching social-emotional learning to their students.
See how a school in Oakland, California uses the method here

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