Educators, have your students participate in Speak Up for a chance to win a $500 grant for your classroom or school!

Photo Challenge

 Join in on the fun and take part in our Speak Up America Photo Challenge! Just Follow the steps below:
Photo Challenge
Post photos to one of the following social media sites:
Or by email to:
We are very sensitive to student and participants’ privacy and with that no faces are required to be in the photo. We just ask that you incorporate our special Speak Up America badge into a photo of your classroom or school, the more creative the better!

Challenge Rules:

·         There must be record of survey completion in our system i.e. surveys taken at your school.
·         Winners will be announced the following day
·         You may only submit one picture per teacher or school per day (a school and multiple teachers from that school may enter on the same day, increase your chances!)
·         A teacher or school may only win once during the photo challenge
·         At least 25 submissions must be present for daily selection to occur, be sure to encourage others to participate.
See below for some examples:

Other ideas:
-Image of the front of your school with the Speak Up America Badge
-Photo from back of the room of students completing the survey
-Group photo of teachers or school office staff who have completed the survey

Check back later to see today for the announcement of Monday’s Photo Challenge winner!

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