Beyond the Digital Conversion: Engaging, Enabling and Empowering Innovation in the Classroom

Join Julie Evans tomorrow for her free keynote session during the Reinventing the Classroom conference: “How Ed Tech Is Reshaping the Classroom Experience.” This is a free event bringing together classroom educators and innovators around the world. The entire conference takes place in a webinar format, and specifically encourages teachers to share their best practices with their peers.


When: tomorrow, May 1st, at 6PM PT
Where: log in at

What: Julie Evan’s keynote session, “Beyond the Digital Conversion: Engaging, Enabling and Empowering Innovation in the Classroom”

Keynote information: The dynamic profusion of emerging technologies, both in school and out of school, is propelling today’s K-12 students to make new demands on their schools for a dramatically different kind of educational experience. Enabled, empowered and engaged, our students have a unique vision for 21st century education that reflects their desires for social-based learning experiences that are un-tethered to the traditional classroom and rich in digital media and content. The annual Speak Up National Research Project provides an exclusive window into the views of students on 21st century learning and technology. In this session we will share the latest Speak Up national findings from over 403,000 K-12 students, parents and educators with a special emphasis on the how today’s students want to be engaged with mobile learning, online and blended learning, and e-textbooks and digital content. The session will provide new insights into the digital disconnect between students and educators and stimulate conversations about how to effectively leverage emerging technologies to drive both increased student achievement and teacher productivity by re-inventing the classroom.

Don’t forget to log in to at 6PM PT tomorrow. Be sure to use the hashtag #reinvent14 and mention @SpeakUpEd, @ProjectTomorrow, and/or @Julie_EvansPT if you are taking the conversation to Twitter!

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