New Research: Digital Tools and Personalized Learning

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No worries, watch the full webinar recording on Edweb’s website:

About the Webinar:
How is learning and teaching being transformed by digital tools?  How do administrators, teachers, parents, and students really use technology right now? And what does the future of personalized learning look like?  In this webinar for the Blended Learning community, Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, shared survey findings from the Speak Up National Research Project and discussed learning and teaching with technology, 21st Century Skills, and STEM instruction. She was joined by Christie Gibson, Principal of Crull Elementary School, who shared insights from her Board of Education Report on state reporting, as well as comparisons of student growth with the amount of time digital tools are used in each classroom.  View the webinar to hear the latest on digital tools and personalized learning, today and tomorrow.

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