Don’t miss Julie’s second Twitter chat – tomorrow at 8pm ET!

Julie Evans will be hosting her second Twitter chat TOMORROW (Tuesday, October 28th)! Join her at 8pm ET to discuss digital content and games. Check out some information below:

Digital Content and Games in the Classroom

Time: Tuesday, October 28th at 8PM ET/7PM CT/5PM PT

Join Julie as she discusses the role of digital content and games in the classroom. Discussion will include findings from our September 2014 report with BrainPOP, “Digital Teachers, Digital Principals: Transforming the Ways We Engage Students.”
Additionally, the following questions will be discussed during the chat:

  1. Thinking beyond engagement, what are the most important benefits of using digital content and games within instruction?
  2. How does the use of digital content in the classroom help students develop college and career ready skills?
  3. What barriers or obstacles prevent teachers and administrators from expanding their use of digital content or games in the classroom?
  4. What is the best determinant of quality in evaluating digital content and games for classroom use?
If participating, be sure to use the hashtag #SUchat in your Tweets! We hope to see you on Twitter tomorrow night at 8pm ET! Click here to sign up and receive a reminder for tomorrow’s chat.

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