Your Speak Up 2014 data is now available! Learn how to access your data here:

Your data is in! If your school or district participated in Speak Up between October and December of last year, it’s time to dig in and see what your students, teachers, parents and community members had to say. You get all of the qualitative data as well as the responses to this year’s open-ended questions.
You can also access the results for your state and the overall national findings – so you can see how your community compares.
You’ll need your login and password to access your data. If you don’t have it, go to our website to retrieve your password.

All schools and districts around the country who registered for Speak up 2014 can now access their data for free. Here’s how.
1.) Click hereto access your reports.
2) Select either Option 1 to view District results or Option 2 to view individual School results.
3.) Next, enter the state, the first few letters of your district or school name and your admin password.
4.) To view data reports, select the number in the “# of District (School) Surveys” column to display that survey type.
5.) To view your open ended text responses, click on “District (School)” in the Open Ended Responses Column.
6.) Print the results or copy and paste them into your own file or this Speak Up Data Excel Template. To view your data across audiences and by theme, use our thematic report template to drop in your school or district’s data.
*Please note, at least one survey must be present to display the survey results with state and national comparisons.
For more than a decade, Speak Up has been providing this service to schools and districts around the country. We’re excited to see how this data informs your initiatives, policies and practices. Drop us a note and let us know how you use the data this year or how we can make the surveys even more useful next year. We love hearing from you!

Click here to access your data

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