Speak Up 2014 National Research Project Findings: Flipped Learning continues to trend for third year

Project Tomorrow and The Flipped Learning Network Speak Up 2014 National Data
To continue watching the Flipped Learning trend, for the third year in a row we have partnered with the Flipped Learning Network to ask specific questions on flipped learning in the Speak Up 2014 surveys. In this new whitepaper, the Flipped Learning Network, focuses on data from teachers, librarians, building and district administrators, technology leaders and students regarding their use of videos in the classroom, digital content, and other flipped learning related experiences. Additionally, educators and administrators weighed in on professional development when learning how to flip a class. While students lent their voices on flipped learning, videos as homework, and how (and how often) they use learning and social media tools. To read the full report, click here.
Results were released at AASA: The School Superintendents Association’s National Conference on Education on February 28, 2015.
The mission of the Flipped Learning Network™ is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully implement Flipped Learning. The goals of the FLN are to: (1) Serve as the hub connecting educators engaged in Flipped Learning; (2) facilitate and collaborate on research relevant to Flipped Learning; (3) provide access to professional learning opportunities on Flipped Learning.

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