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Need help promoting Speak Up to your stakeholders?

Speak Up partners – need help promoting the survey to your stakeholders? Check out some of our ideas for inspiration! Don’t forget that Speak Up opens on October 6th until December 19th – participants can register here.

Promote participation in Speak Up:                                 

q  Encourage your stakeholders to participate in Speak Up through email blasts, newsletters, your blog or other online social media tools.
q  Highlight the Speak Up survey on your website using the Speak Up Partner logo (with a link to the survey).
q  Inform your stakeholders that you are actively promoting participation in Speak Up by issuing your own “customized” press release using the Speak Up press release template provided by Project Tomorrow.  Project Tomorrow will issue its Speak Up national press release on October 6th.
q  Distribute Speak Up Info flyers during your presentations at conferences or from your booth on the exhibit floor.
q  Host a “Speak Up” media event to encourage participation in Speak Up.
q  Use social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter to get the word out about Speak Up to your stakeholders.

Spotlight students’ views in the dialogue about K-12 education 

q  Include Speak Up data in your articles, promotional materials or presentations.
q  Share how the Speak Up results are important to your organization’s mission and work.
q  Use the Speak Up results to identify your stakeholders’ needs, secure funding or demonstrate the success of your initiatives.
q  Schedule Julie Evans, CEO- Project Tomorrow, to present the Speak Up findings to your team, at a conference or through a webinar.
q  Host a regional or state summit to share Speak Up data and develop an action plan for creating 21stcentury schools.

Strengthen the Speak Up network

q  Blog about how you are using Speak Up data to inform your decisions about curriculum or technology, programming, legislation, or services.
q  Share promising practices with staff from partnering organizations, schools and districts who are involved with Speak Up.  

Help spread the word about Speak Up with our sample tweets!

This sample tweet list is meant to serve as a head start to promoting Speak Up registration and participation via Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. Feel free to use or customize any or all of these tweets to share your school/district’s involvement in the nationwide conversation about technology and education and to encourage others to do the same!
Before surveys open:
  • Empower your students to voice their opinions on the role of technology in & out of school–register for Speak Up:
  • Encourage your students to take part in the nationwide conversation about the uses of technology for learning:
  • Interested in being a part of the dialogue about K-12 program & policy decisions at the local, state & national level?
  • Interested in learning how online learning is changing the classroom paradigm within schools? Register for Speak Up!
  • Join us and 3.4 million students, parents, teachers, and admins who have participated in Speak Up since ’03, register now!
  • Our school has registered to be a part of a nationwide conversation about educational technology–join in today:
  • Our school just registered for Speak Up!  Join the conversation about the role of technology in & out of school:
  • Participate in Speak Up & share your ideas about how to leverage technology in schools to promote better learning:
  • Share your opinions about the role of technology in education–register your school or district for Speak Up today!
  • Use these promo materials to spread the word about Speak Up to fellow students, teachers, & admins in your school:
  • 70% of students say mobile devices allow access to research any time/place. Learn how your students use technology:
  • 3 out of 4 school administrators use smartphones, and more than half are tablet users… survey your school today:
During the survey period:
  • Speak Up Surveys are available Oct. 6 thru Dec. 19! Make your voice heard!
  • Don’t forget to submit your Speak Up surveys! If you are having trouble, refer to these instructions:
  • Teachers-encourage your students to voice their opinions on the use of technology in school! See here
  • Be a part of the thousands around the country who are speaking up to decision-makers about 21st century learning
  • Teachers, to learn more about Speak Up before participating in this nationwide educational survey, see this FAQ page:
  • Parents, to learn more about Speak Up before participating in this nationwide educational survey, see this FAQ page:
  • Speak up now about issues regarding the use of new technology such as mobile devices and tablets in schools:
  • Students, to learn more about Speak Up before participating in this nationwide educational survey, see this FAQ page:

To Speak Up, simply visit our official Speak Up 2014 page in order to register your district. Be sure to mark your calendars for our launch date, October 6th – you can do so with our invite hereFurthermore, check out our promotional materials page for tools to use to get your district on board and ready for Speak Up. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all things Speak Up!