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Calling all future teachers and teacher educators!

Participate in the Speak Up for Higher Education “Tomorrow’s Teachers Speak Up” survey and share your ideas about teaching with the nation!




Project Tomorrow is facilitating a special online survey for college students in teacher preparation programs to collect and report on the views of the next generation of teachers about the use of technology within instruction.
Participation is open to all students in teacher preparation programs both at the undergraduate and graduate level, teacher education faculty within Schools of Education, as well as career changers in special programs.
Colleges, universities and programs that promote the surveys to their students will receive a free online report with the national data findings as well as institutional results.


About Tomorrow’s Teachers Speak Up! 
  • Online Surveys will open for input on February 5, 2014 in celebration of Digital Learning Day and run through May 16, 2014.
  • All information is 100% confidential.  The surveys take less than 20 minutes to complete.
  • Why participate?  This is a unique opportunity for America’s next generation of teachers to “speak up” about their views on their career choice and share their ideas about how to leverage technology within learning.  Have a voice in national and state policies for education by participating in Tomorrow’s Teachers Speak Up! 
  • A national report on the survey findings will be released in fall 2014 in a special Congressional Briefing in Washington DC.  Results will be shared with policymakers, academic research organizations and media.    
  • Survey question topics include:  learning and teaching with technology, 21st century skills, online and blended learning, flipped classrooms, mobile devices, digital and online textbooks, writing with technology, games and professional development. 
To learn more about how your institution can promote Tomorrow’s Teachers Speak Up!, please contact Jenny Hostert at (949) 609-4660 x17 or