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CoSN 2015: The Eight Essentials for Success in Mobile Learning

Tuesday, March 17
9:15-10:15am – M301
Focus Area: Pioneering Innovation

Chris Dede, Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard University
Julie Evans, CEO, Project Tomorrow

Researchers and developers have generated many insights about how to design, deliver, and evaluate highly successful mobile learning projects. These strategies for effective development and sustainability are summarized below, categorized as “8 essentials”:
• Purposeful planning for mobile device usage
• Leveraging content and curriculum that is mobile-empowered
• Understanding the power of Internet access
• Preparing educators effectively
• Securing leadership buy-in
• Building personal learner efficacy and capacity for self-directed learning
• Measuring project results with meaningful metrics
• Creating an ecosystem that is sustainable and scalable
Applying these strategies will greatly increase the chances for success of a mobile learning initiative.

This session will present examples illustrating successful use for each of the eight strategies. Participants will gain insights into how to develop, implement, and evaluate mobile learning initiatives.