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Speak Up 2014 National Research Project Findings: Flipped Learning continues to trend for third year

Project Tomorrow and The Flipped Learning Network Speak Up 2014 National Data
To continue watching the Flipped Learning trend, for the third year in a row we have partnered with the Flipped Learning Network to ask specific questions on flipped learning in the Speak Up 2014 surveys. In this new whitepaper, the Flipped Learning Network, focuses on data from teachers, librarians, building and district administrators, technology leaders and students regarding their use of videos in the classroom, digital content, and other flipped learning related experiences. Additionally, educators and administrators weighed in on professional development when learning how to flip a class. While students lent their voices on flipped learning, videos as homework, and how (and how often) they use learning and social media tools. To read the full report, click here.
Results were released at AASA: The School Superintendents Association’s National Conference on Education on February 28, 2015.
The mission of the Flipped Learning Network™ is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully implement Flipped Learning. The goals of the FLN are to: (1) Serve as the hub connecting educators engaged in Flipped Learning; (2) facilitate and collaborate on research relevant to Flipped Learning; (3) provide access to professional learning opportunities on Flipped Learning.

Speak Up News – March 2015

Quick links:

▪ Announcing our first Congressional Briefing! Learn more about the date and details of our first briefing.
▪ Mobile Learning Week 2015: Catch up on UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week through Julie Evans’ takeaway blog posts.
▪ Flipped Learning Report: We teamed up with the Flipped Learning Network to create a whitepaper based on Speak Up 2014 data. 
▪ Leading the Digital Learning Transition: Learn how to create Future Ready schools through the Friday Institute’s upcoming MOOC. 
▪ Your survey results are now available! All Speak Up 2014 participants can access their school or district data.
▪ Speak Up on the go! Learn more about upcoming presentations with our CEO, Julie Evans. 

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National Release of Speak Up 2014 National Findings

2015 Congressional Briefing

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Hart Senate Office Building Room 902
Washington, D.C.
Please join us for the release of the Speak Up 2014 National Findings. This is the first of two Congressional Briefings on the data results from the 521,000 online Speak Up surveys submitted from education stakeholders nationwide in fall 2014.
The April 30th briefing will include a presentation of the national findings and a moderated panel discussion with students and educators. This year’s national report on the findings will be distributed to all attendees.
Click here to RSVP to attend the briefing; click here to request a copy of the report.
If your district is interested in having students participate in our student panel, please contact Lisa Chu at lchu@tomorrow.org or (949) 609-4660 ext. 12. If you need additional information about Speak Up or the Congressional Briefing, please feel free to contact Jenny Hostert at jhostert@tomorrow.org or (949) 609-4660 ext 17.

Mobile Learning Week 2015

February 23-27 in Paris, France

Mobile Learning Week 2015 – hosted by UNESCOand UN Women – includes inspiring keynotes, plenary sessions, and a myriad of small, TedTalk like sessions on all kinds of topics related to girls, women, and mobile learning. This annual symposium spans the course of five days in Paris, France, and features 100+ speakers, 12 workshops, 80 presentations, and 1000+ participants from over 70 countries worldwide in order to explore the intersection of technology, education, and gender.
This week, Project Tomorrow CEO Julie Evans is in Paris to participate in two workshops. The first workshop, “Inspiring girls through games and coding: A hands-on exploration,” held by our friends at BrainPOP, focuses on girls’ interest in playing learning games, creating their own games, and learning how to code using mobile devices – with data provided by Speak Up. The second workshop, “Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Gender-sensitive Mobile Learning Projects within Educational Settings” was held by Julie herself, along with Dr. Kari Stubbs from BrainPOP, and addresses how to design mobile learning projects that are constructed with gender-sensitivity as well as cultural awareness. You can learn more about this workshop on our website.
Be a part of the experience by following Julie on Twitter (@JulieEvans_PT) for live updates. You can also read Julie’s daily takeaway blog posts – which feature recaps of each day of the symposium – on the Project Tomorrow blog.

New Whitepaper from the Flipped Learning Network

Speak Up 2014 National Research Project Findings

Flipped Learning continues to trend for third year
To continue watching the Flipped Learning trend, for the third year in a row we have partnered with the Flipped Learning Network to ask specific questions on flipped learning in the Speak Up 2014 surveys. In this new whitepaper, the Flipped Learning Network focuses on data from teachers, librarians, building and district administrators, technology leaders and students regarding their use of videos in the classroom, digital content, and other flipped learning related experiences. Additionally, educators and administrators weighed in on professional development when learning how to flip a class. Students lent their voices on flipped learning, videos as homework, and how (and how often) they use learning and social media tools. To read the full report, click here.

Leading the Digital Learning Transition: Creating Future Ready Schools

March 2 – April 26

Learn more and register here
This Massive Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed) is designed for school and district leaders, and any others involved in planning and implementing K-12 digital learning initiatives. Everyone involved in digital learning (also known as blended learning, e-learning and instructional technology) in a K-12 school or district is welcome to join the course.
This course will help you:

▪ Understand the potential of digital learning in K-12 schools
▪ Assess progress and set future goals for your school or district
▪ Begin to develop a plan to achieve your digital learning goals.

The DLT MOOC-Ed consists of five units scheduled over eight weeks. Participants are invited to work in all the units or to select those that are most relevant to their personal learning goals. A certificate of completion to obtain CEUs is available for those who complete certain requirements. There is no cost for participating in the DLT MOOC-Ed.
Dr. Glenn Kleiman and Dr. Mary Ann Wolf are the program directors, with many others from school districts and other organizations throughout the country contributing to planning and facilitating the course.
Other MOOC-Ed courses currently open for registration include Learning Differences, Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning, Coaching Digital Learning, and Teaching Statistics through Data Investigations. More information about these courses can be found at mooc-ed.org.

Your Speak Up data is now available!

If your school or district participated in Speak Up between October and December of 2014, it’s time to dig in and see what your students, teachers, parents and community members had to say.
Click here to view your data, retrieve forgotten passwords, and more.

Speak Up On the Go!

Upcoming presentations

The Road To TEACH
Wednesday, March 11
The Eight Essentials for Success in Mobile Learning
Tuesday, March 17
CoSN 2015 Annual Conference
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If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Speak Up Operations Manager, Jenny Hostert, at jhostert@tomorrow.org or via phone at (949) 609-4660 ext. 17.
Many thanks to our sponsors and partners for the support of Speak Up 2014: Blackboard Inc., BrainPOP, Fuel Education, DreamBox Learning, Schoolwires, Qualcomm Wireless Reach, Rosetta Stone, American Association of School Administrators, Consortium for School Networking, Digital Learning Day, Digital Promise, edWeb, International Association for K-12 Online Learning, International Society for Technology in Education, National Association of Secondary School Principals, National School Boards Association, Secondary Education Teachers’ Association, and the Southern Regional Education Board.

Speak Up Data cited on CBS Evening News!

On Sunday January 19, 2014 CBS Evening News included a segment on Flipped learning titled: “Flipped classrooms provide a new way of learning”- and we are excited to share that Speak Up Data was referenced in the segment! Watch the segment below or access the article and video at: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/flipped-classrooms-provide-a-new-way-of-learning/ 

A special thank you to Kari Arfstrom with the Flipped Learning Network for sharing our Speak Up 2012 data results on flipped learning to be included in the segment!

Speak Up is a national initiative of Project Tomorrow®, the nation’s leading education nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment of student voices in education. Each year, the Speak Up National Research Project polls K-12 students, parents and educators about the role of technology for learning in and out of school. This survey represents the largest collection of authentic, unfiltered stakeholder voices on digital learning. Since fall 2003, over 3.4 million K-12 students, parents, teachers, librarians, principals, technology leaders, district administrators and members of the community have shared their views and ideas through Speak Up. K-12 educators, higher education faculty, business and policy leaders report that they regularly use the Speak Up data to inform federal, state and local education programs.


In fall 2013, Project Tomorrow surveyed 325,279 K-12 students, 32,151 parents, 37,756 teachers, 2,230 librarians, 933 district administrators, 3,020 school administrators, 577 technology leaders and 1,346 members of the community representing  over 8,000 public and private schools from over 2,000 districts. The Speak Up 2013 surveys were available online for input between October 2nd and December 20th 2013. Speak Up 2013 data will be released to all participating schools and districts that participated on February 5, 2014 in celebration of digital learning day
To learn more about how your school or district can get involved with this year’s Speak Up surveys please visit our website at www.tomorrow.org/speakup

Throwback Thursday – Breakdown of Speak Up 2012 Reports and whitepapers

Happy Thursday!

Speak Up 2013 is off and running! So far we’ve had over 25,000 surveys taken- a great start to the survey period! For this throwback Thursday we would like to share all the reports and whitepapers we’ve release this year. All Speak Up reports are available online and can be downloaded at:  http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/speakup_reports.html.  

From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom

2012 Congressional Briefing cover

From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom is the first in a two part series to document the key national findings from Speak Up 2012. For the past few years, Project Tomorrow has used the Speak Up survey to diligently document the growth in educators’ access to emerging technology devices, tools and services, and how that increased familiarity has resulted in greater interest in digital learning. The Speak Up survey data has also highlighted the growing expectations of parents each year for interactive and collaborative digital learning environments that they believe are essential for preparing their child to compete in the global information society. And, we have shared information and research over several years about the widespread national interest in enhanced college and career readiness for all K-12 students. Given all of those positive conditions, why is there so much new fervor around digital conversions today? What makes today’s education landscape different than last year, the year before or five years ago? What is different?

“From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom” takes an in-depth look at the transformative factors that are driving this new digital conversion momentum and the new capacities to build toward to support the process.
Click here to download the PDF of the report.

From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Emergence of the K-12 Digital Learner

2012 Student Congressional Briefing Cover
From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Emergence of the K-12 Digital Learner is the second in a two part series to document the key national findings from Speak Up 2012.  In 2003, The Speak Up National Research Project was born to give K-12 students a voice in critical conversations, and to hopefully provide their parents, teachers and administrators with new insights about the expectations and aspirations of these newly minted digital learners. Now in its tenth year, the annual Speak Up National Research Project and the resulting trends analysis provides a birds’ eye view of the changing environment for digital learning, both in and out of school. 

Click here to download the PDF of the report.

“2013 Trends In Online Learning Virtual, Blended And Flipped Classrooms”

Report Cover

2013 Trends in Online Learning Virtual, Blended and Flipped Classrooms highlights the latest Speak Up data with a particular focus on the role that online learning strategies can play within school and district digital conversions. With the impending implementation of the Common Core State Standards and other new standards, the timing is right to tap into the insights of key education stakeholders to explore both the benefits of online learning as well as how to leverage these tools and resources effectively to transform the learning experience.

Since 2007, Project Tomorrow has partnered with Blackboard Inc. to create a series of annual reports that focus on the year to year trends in the use of online learning to change the classroom learning paradigm through an in-depth analysis of the latest Speak Up national findings. In this latest update report, we examine the trends using an inside-out perspective on the classroom and the use of a variety of online learning strategies with students. In particular, we focus this year on the insights and experiences of four key stakeholders: administrators who have implemented online courses within their schools and districts, online learning teachers in virtual, blended or flipped classrooms, parents with personal online learning experiences, and the students who continue to be enamored with the potential of online learning to transform their educational experience.

Learning in the 21st Century: Digital Experiences and Expectations of Tomorrow’s Teachers

Tomorrow's Teachers cover

Project Tomorrow®, the national education nonprofit organization that annually facilitates the Speak Up National Research Project, conducted a special Speak Up survey in Spring 2012 for college students in teacher preparation programs.

Since 2007, Project Tomorrow has collaborated with Blackboard Inc. to create a series of annual reports that focus on key trends in the use of technology to increase student achievement, teacher productivity and parental engagement. This new report, “Learning in the 21st Century: Digital Experiences and Expectations of Tomorrow’s Teachers,” is the latest in the series and provides new insights that will inform college and university based teacher preparation programs as well as the induction and professional development processes within K-12 schools and districts. Tomorrow’s teachers may have the keys to finally unlock the potential of technology to transform teaching and learning, but much depends upon their experiences in their preparation program and how well future school leadership can support their expectations for essential technology tools and resources.

Leveraging Intelligent Adaptive Learning to Personalize Education

Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ is a new class of education technology that personalizes learning. It captures every decision a student makes and adjusts the student’s learning path both within lessons and between lessons, thereby providing millions of individualized learning paths, each tailored to the student’s unique needs in real time.
If you think this data is interesting and would like to gain a better understanding about your stakeholders’ perspectives about the use of technology for learning, participate in Speak Up 2013. Speak Up is now open for input and will run through December 20th.

Speak Up Surveys are free, and schools and districts can receive access to their school and/or district’s data in February 2014.

To take the survey, visit http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013,students will be required to enter in a survey password. Register as the primary contact of your school or district (at the link above) to manage your information, assign a student survey password to ensure confidentiality (all students will need to enter in the secret word to take the survey) and select an administrative password that will be used to access your local participant data beginning February 5, 2014. The data will be released on 2/5/14 in celebration of Digital Learning Day!

To learn more about signing up as the Primary Contact of your school(s) please click here.

Our helpful and handy promotional materials can assist you in spreading the word about Speak Up to your students, parents, teachers, administrators, and more! View our full list here.

Questions about Speak Up? E-mail us at SpeakUp@tomorrow.org.

Join the Speak Up conversation on Twitter! #SpeakUp2013 & @speakuped

Have a wonderful day.

– The Project Tomorrow team 

Speak 2013 launches on Wednesday, October 2nd!

Happiest Monday to all our followers and supporters!

Speak Up 2013 launches October 2nd!
This week is an important week here at Project Tomorrow and at schools and districts across the nation…Do you know why?
That’s right, you guessed it! Speak Up 2013 is just about here! The 2 day countdown is on. Speak Up 2013 officially launches on Wednesday, October 2nd!
There is still time to register your school or district in Speak Up 2013. Registration can be found here. Be sure your school/district has a primary contact registered so that your data results can be viewed in February 2014. This year, no password is required for educators, but a student password is required, and can be created by the main/primary contact.
You may be asking yourself a few questions:
Where can I learn more about Speak Up? Click here. 
What are some of the few question themes on this year’s survey? Blended and flipped classrooms, digital footprints, attitudes toward technology, and digital games are just a few of the themes on this year’s surveys. Moreover, this year, we have a new community members survey. These surveys are meant to be taken by anyone in the community who wants to voice their opinions concerning technology in education.
Spread awareness surrounding Speak Up 2013 using our handy and convenient promotional materials which can be found here.
During the survey period, get the latest updates by following us here on this blog, twitter, and facebook.
Who will be speaking up on Wednesday, October 2nd? Be sure to let us know in the comments.
– The Project Tomorrow team

National Flipped Day, September 6th

National Flipped Day
Who participated in National Flipped Day last Friday, September 6th? 
If you participated, we would love to hear all about it! Be sure to share with us in the comments below your experiences. If you are a teacher who regularly uses the flipped learning approach, we also want to hear from you. Let’s get the conversation started!
Not quite sure what flipped learning is all about? Read our blog post highlighting it here
Our Speak Up surveys will feature questions on flipped and blended learning, among other important and timely educational topics. Register your school or district today! http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013/
Thank you to all our followers and supporters who voted for Julie in the SXSWEdu panel. We appreciate you all.
– The Project Tomorrow team

Schoolwires® Announces Symposium on Parent Engagement Oct. 22

Happy Thursday!

Take some time to read about the Symposium on Parent Engagement October 22nd! Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow’s CEO, will be presenting on timely matters concerning education. 

Be sure to vote for Julie in the SXSWEdu panel. Tomorrow, September 6th, is the last day to vote! Click the webtile below for more information.

Tomorrow is is also National Flipped Day! Flip your classroom and tell us about your experiences on October 2nd, when Speak Up surveys launch. Visit this link for more information: http://thejournal.com/articles/2013/09/03/national-flipped-day-encourages-flipping-classrooms-with-free-lessons.aspx

As always, be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Have a great evening.

-The Project Tomorrow team

Schoolwires® Announces Symposium on Parent Engagement Oct. 22
Research, ideas and best practices to engage parents as partners and advocates in education
State College, Pennsylvania, Sept. 4, 2013 — To help districts engage with parents more deeply this new school year, Schoolwires is hosting a Symposium on Parent Engagement on October 22. The online event will include presentations by Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow®, Dr. Karen Mapp, director of the Education Policy and Management Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and administrators from K-12 districts across the country.
Today’s digital parents have different expectations when it comes to the effective use of technology in the classroom and school-to-home communications,” said Evans. “These expectations are driving change in the way school districts engage parents to support student success. Yet too many districts still rely primarily on one-way information sharing that falls short of parent expectations.”
Administrators can learn effective new strategies for communicating with digital parents during the online Symposium on Parent Engagement on Oct. 22 from 11 am to 4 pm CT. Presenters will include:
·         Dr. Karen Mapp, director of the Education Policy and Management Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, will deliver a keynote on Family Engagement Research. Mapp is one of the nation’s leading experts in educational leadership and partnerships among educators, families and community members that support student achievement. Her keynote will help attendees better understand how to build capacity for families to become more engaged and the specific components LEAs and schools need to create successful family engagement initiatives.
·         Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, will summarize the latest research from the Speak Up National Project  around the “New Digital Parent” and explain the impact this group has on school district communication, 21st century learning, and family outreach plans.
·         Bernie Rhinerson, former Chief of Staff at San Diego Unified School District, will discuss leveraging mobile apps and social communications to reach tweeting, texting digital parents.
·         A panel of administrators from K-12 districts will discuss their family engagement programs. The panel includes Mary Wegner, Assistant Superintendent, Sitka Schools, Alaska; Steven Anderson, Director of Instructional Technology, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, North Carolina; John Schreck, Webmaster, Riverside Unified School District, California; and Christine Corliss, District Webmaster/Publicity Coordinator, Caldwell-West Caldwell Schools, New Jersey.
Attendees can register for the Symposium on Parent Engagement at the Schoolwires website.
Engaging parents is critical not only to the success of an individual student, but also to the overall improvement of schools,” said Christiane Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer, Schoolwires. “In addition to discovering new communication strategies, participants in the symposium will learn about critical research on digital parents and family engagement, and how they impact student success.”
To complement the online symposium, Schoolwires partnered with Project Tomorrow to create a companion Administrator’s Guide to Reaching Digital Parents. The guide includes findings from the 2012 Speak Up National Research Project that tracks interest in the use of emerging technologies to address the specific needs of K-12 students, parents and educators. Among the most noteworthy findings of the survey is the importance of effective school-to-home communications as a way to engage parents in the learning process. However, a quarter of school and district administrators (26 percent) see effective communications with parents as a major challenge today. The guide will help administrators better understand today’s digital parents, and provide best practices that districts can model to better engage parents to support student achievement. The guide can be downloaded in advance of the symposium at the Schoolwires website.
About Schoolwires
Schoolwires, Inc. provides a suite of technology products and related services to more than 1,500 educational entities, including K-12 school districts and schools in the United States and China. The company’s technologies are designed to foster community, student, teacher and parent engagement in the classroom, locally and internationally. Its solutions include an integrated website and content management system, a safe social learning and networking system, a family of mobile solutions, and an enterprise technology platform. Schoolwires brings together a district’s essential technologies, information, and content to effectively engage the K-12 community in support of district and student success. The company currently serves an estimated 10 million users and has been recognized as one of the top privately held education companies for the seventh consecutive year by Inc. magazine. Schoolwires was incorporated on April 5, 2000 and is headquartered in State College with offices in Beijing, China.
© 2013 Schoolwires, Inc. All rights reserved.
Media Contact:
Susan Malzahn

Around the Web Wednesday!

It’s the Middle of the Week!

Do you know what that means?
Today is Around the Web Wednesday!
Check out the Project Tomorrow Blog each Wednesday for our Around the Web Series 
There are so many exciting topics and discussions taking place in education right now. Read up on all the latest news below! Be sure to tell us what article intrigued you the most.
Don’t forget to vote for Julie Evans’ panel at the SXSWEdu conference! There are only a few more days left to vote, and we could use your support! Click the webtile below for more information. Voting ends September 6th!

PanelPicker Vote

Registration for Speak Up 2013 is live! Register your school or district today!

Friday is “National Flipped Day!” For more information, visit this link: http://thejournal.com/articles/2013/09/03/national-flipped-day-encourages-flipping-classrooms-with-free-lessons.aspx

Teachers, “Flip” your classroom on Friday, September 6th, and tell us about your experience on our Speak Up surveys, which begin October 2nd! Don’t know what flipped learning is? Check out our blog post detailing it here!

Happy Reading!
– The Project Tomorrow team
Around the Web Wednesday
1. National Flipped Learning Day: Read it here!
2. Memorable Experiences in Science/Math: Read it here!
3. Virtual Education on the Rise: Read it here!
4. Blended Classrooms: Read it here!
5. More technology in Michigan schools: Read it here!
6. A Girl’s Camp Focusing on STEM: Read it here!
7. College Affordability: Read it here!
8. Secretary of Education & Founder of Khan Academy Connecting Through Google+: Read it here!
9. FirstEnergy Education Grants: Read it here! 
10. Parents’ Views on the Quality of Education in the US: Read it here!

Flipped Classrooms: The Basics

The term “flipped classroom” is a concept being thrown around educational circles and beyond…but what does it actually mean?
Essentially, a flipped classroom entails a reversal of the traditional classroom model, where teachers/educators lecture during class time, and assign homework to be completed outside the classroom.
In a flipped class, educators will record video lectures that students watch as part of their homework. Class time is then reserved for experiential learning, breakout sessions, discussions, and clarifying of concepts not fully understood by the lecture recordings.
It is important to note that there isn’t one particular standard model for the “flipped learning” approach. Educators can tailor the model to fit the course subject and the needs of their students. However, although the flipped model can vary from educator to educator, and classroom to classroom, the role reversal of lecture in class and homework at home is what makes a flipped model unique.
What are the benefits of this model?
Flipped classrooms can provide a myriad of benefits, but arguably the greatest benefit comes from the recorded video lectures. With pre-recorded video lectures, students can pause and rewind concepts according to their pace and varying learning styles. In a live classroom, students are unable to “pause” or “rewind” certain points of the lecture that may have been missed by taking notes, or may have missed due to needing extra clarification on the concept.
Moreover, the flipped model provides for more time on not only having the students understand the various concepts, but also more class time for experimenting with the concepts by way of projects, presentations, small-group discussions, and more.
For more information on flipped classrooms, check out Educause’s informational sheet highlighting 7 important concepts behind the flipped model here.
Speak Up surveys, an intiative of Project Tomorrow, asks students, teachers, parents, administrators and more about their unfiltered viewpoints on innovative and key educational concepts such as flipped learning. We then take those responses, and synthsize our research to find out how these models are working for our students, educators, and communities.

Interested in having your school or district participate in Speak Up 2013? Registration for Speak Up 2013 is coming soon! Please check the Speak Up website frequently for more information in the next coming weeks.

Have you ever been a student of a flipped classroom or know someone who is a student in a flipped classroom? Are you an educator using the flipped approach? Share your thoughts and experiences on the matter with us.

2013 Trends in Online Learning: Virtual, Blended, & Flipped Classrooms

Who was able to participate in the “2013 Trends in Online Learning: Virtual, Blended, & Flipped Classrooms” webinar?
What new insights into online education did you take away? Please share your thoughts with us!
“The digital conversion means different things to different education leaders in K-12. But this year’s Speak Up Survey data reveals an exciting new trend – they seem to agree that online learning options are providing more ways to engage students. Join us for this panel-style webinar to learn about the latest trends in K-12 online learning. Hear from K-12 teachers and administrators about how they are utilizing technology to connect with parents and provide students flexibility and access to more learning tools.”

If you were unable to participate in the webinar, we have the link to the recorded presentation below:
A special thank you to Mark Evans, Program Coordinator, K-12 Technology Applications at Klein Independent School District in Texas, & Ena Wood, Instructional Technology Coordinator at Arlington Public Schools in Virginia for their participation & expert opinions.
We also want to thank Blackboard Inc, and Lindsay Evans, Manager, K-12 at Blackboard Inc. for their support, sponsorship, and moderation of the webinar.
-The Project Tomorrow Team