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Case study: Poudre School District Global Academy

Project Tomorrow has teamed up with Fuel Education to bring you a case study on Poudre School District (PSD) Global Academy in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This innovative online/hybrid school for students in K–12 grade is ranked among the highest in the state of Colorado for student growth across all grades for the 2013–2014 school year. This achievement marks the first time an innovative school using blended and online learning has ranked in the top 95 percent of all Colorado schools – including traditional brick and mortar schools, charter schools, and other online schools.

In this document, we outline:

  • Proof of Program Results – The school’s desired student outcomes, Northwest Evaluaion Association’s Measures of Academic Porogress (MAP®) assessment results, Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessements, and Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) results.
  • The PSD Global Academy Approach – The five unique approaches that the school believes is intetral to their positive results.
  • Lessons Learned – The three takeaways for education leaders who want to implment successful blended learing programs.

Download a PDF of the case study: Online, Virtual, and Blended Learning in Action

To read a summary of a recent District Administration webinar featuring PSD Global Academy, click here.
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Using Online Learning Tools to Prepare America’s Students for Success

Recently, our CEO Julie Evans sat down with our friends at Learning Outside the Lines to discuss how superintendents and teachers should look to a student-driven vision of the 21st Century Classroom using digital learning tools to foster collaboration, open access, and enriched learning, to personalize learning and best meet student achievement goals. 
Click on the video above to listen to Julie’s thoughts on this topic and several other key issues related to online learning and STEM education.
Learning Outside the Lines is provided by Fuel Education; it is an online publication brings together the insights of experts in online learning with superintendents, technologists, and those administering online learning programs to address the transformation of education. Learning Outside the Lines covers a range of topics from blended and fully online learning and the integration of technology into the classroom, to alternative education programs, remedial education, and current learning standards. Their experts engage in these discussions, share their experiences, and outline best practices to help define a better, brighter, educational future for your school district. Click here to learn more about the Learning Outside the Lines and Fuel Education.