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Verizon’s New Inspirational STEM Commercial

Verizon recently came out with a new commercial to inspire young women and girls to get involved in STEM. The commercial asks those around young women to inspire them to be more than just “pretty.” Instead, it asks us to say to these girls, “you’re pretty brilliant.”  The Verizon Foundation says they are “committed to helping parents and teachers inspire more girls to get involved with STEM.” When you go to the website, there is much to explore with facts and scenarios that young girls face. It asks us to help spark her imagination in playtime, allow her to try things on her own, encourage her to build her own future, and take risks. The site also tells us that women currently hold less than 25% of our country’s STEM careers.The greatest opportunities in the future will be high-tech jobs in STEM fields. But we’re lagging behind the rest of the world, currently ranked 36th in math and 28th in science.
This commercial inspires us to “Empower young minds.” It truly does. As adults, we have such a huge responsibility to lead our youth. And empowering these young girls to become more interested in STEM is a huge battle that we are all facing. We are getting closer, but we’re not there yet. Thank you Verizon Foundation for helping to get the word out and inspiring us all! Together we can encourage and guide young girls and inspire their minds!
What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you. Check out the commercial and let us know what you think!