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Case study: Poudre School District Global Academy

Project Tomorrow has teamed up with Fuel Education to bring you a case study on Poudre School District (PSD) Global Academy in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This innovative online/hybrid school for students in K–12 grade is ranked among the highest in the state of Colorado for student growth across all grades for the 2013–2014 school year. This achievement marks the first time an innovative school using blended and online learning has ranked in the top 95 percent of all Colorado schools – including traditional brick and mortar schools, charter schools, and other online schools.

In this document, we outline:

  • Proof of Program Results – The school’s desired student outcomes, Northwest Evaluaion Association’s Measures of Academic Porogress (MAP®) assessment results, Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessements, and Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) results.
  • The PSD Global Academy Approach – The five unique approaches that the school believes is intetral to their positive results.
  • Lessons Learned – The three takeaways for education leaders who want to implment successful blended learing programs.

Download a PDF of the case study: Online, Virtual, and Blended Learning in Action

To read a summary of a recent District Administration webinar featuring PSD Global Academy, click here.
Fuel Education’s mission is to partner with schools and districts to personalize and transform the education experience inside and outside the classroom by leveraging the power of technology-enabled learning. Unlike legacy publishers and other online providers, Fuel Education offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to online learning based on their experience partnering with more than 2,000 school districts in all 50 states and D.C. To learn more about Fuel Education, visit http://www.getfueled.com/

EdNet Insight: When Data is Win-Win

Our friend Ann McMullen recently wrote an article, “When Data is Win-Win,” about how Speak Up benefits everyone involved. Ann was the primary contact of Klein Independent School District (a longtime Speak Up Loud and Clear recipient) for many years, and continues to support leadership, professional development, and educational technology as a public speaker, writer, and consultant. Check out her reasons why Speak Up is a win-win for everyone:

  • Inside classrooms, the Speak Up survey provides teachers and students with an opportunity to have their voices heard at the district, state, and national levels and impact decisions made by school leaders and state and national policy makers. Plus, by simply reading the survey questions, participants gain a sense of the current shifts in the evolution of digital media in education. Having educators compare their perceptions about digital learning with their students’ responses to the Speak Up survey is powerfully impactful professional development for teachers and school administrators.
  • The data from Speak Up provides schools and school districts with a sense of where they are in the advancement of digital learning compared with schools and districts across the nation. Individual districts often use their Speak Up data for strategic planning. School districts that must seek voter approval for bond referendums to support technology purchases use their Speak Up data to inform and engage their communities. As a former director of educational technology for a large school district in Texas, I found the data from our district’s annual participation in the Speak Up survey invaluable in developing and implementing our district technology plan. Schools in our district also incorporated their own data into their annual Campus Improvement Plans.
  • State education agencies benefit from having as many districts as possible respond to the call for participation in Speak Up. Anita Givens, former Associate Commissioner for Standards and Programs at the Texas Education Agency, says, “Speak Up reports provide the opportunity for the state to hear student and teacher voices from school districts across the state and compare the state data to the national data. The higher the level of participation by schools, the more impact their voices have. This is especially beneficial for planning and policy decisions at the state level. Speak Up data was invaluable in the development of the Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 and continues to be used when progress reports on the plan are submitted to the Texas Legislature.”

With over 400,000 online surveys submitted each year from 10,000 schools, the Speak Up data set is the largest collection of authentic, end-user educational technology information available in the market. Click here to register for Speak Up, and be sure to take the survey before it closes on December 19th!

About Ann McMullan: Ann McMullan served as the Executive Director for Educational Technology in the Klein Independent School District, located just outside Houston, Texas, until September 2013 when she moved to Los Angeles, California. For 16 years Ann led the team that provided professional development on technology and 21st century instructional strategies to over 4,000 professional educators. Both Klein ISD and Ann have received multiple honors for educational technology leadership and innovation. Ann served as the co-chair of the Texas Educational Technology Advisory Committee, which produced the Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020. The Houston Chapter of Association for Women in Computing presented her with their Leadership in Technology Award in 2005, and ISTE awarded her the Making It Happen Award. In February 2010 Ann received the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Advancement of Technology in Learning from the Texas Computer Education Association, and she was recognized as a 2012 nominee for the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame for her work in K-12 education. Tech & Learning featured Ann in their 2013 eBook, Profiles in Leadership. Today she is based in Los Angeles, working as a public speaker, writer, and private consultant focused on supporting leadership, professional development, and curriculum for educational technology. She may be reached at amcmullan@outlook.com. She may also be available to connect on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/annmcmullan and on Twitter at @Ann_McMullan.

Speak Up Planning Webinar Recording Now Available!

New to Speak Up? 

Watch our “All About Speak Up!” Recorded Webinar!!

As a kick off to Speak Up 2013 in your schools share our Speak Up Introductory Webinar recording with your school contacts. This 45 minute recorded webinar, hosted by Project Tomorrow’s CEO, Julie Evans, includes background information on Speak Up, benefits of participation,  key Speak Up findings from last year’s survey as well as how your school  or district can participate in Speak Up this year. The recorded webinar can be accessed via Blackboard Collaborate here: Speak Up 2013 Planning.

 About Speak Up

The Speak Up National Research Project annually collects and reports on the authentic, unfiltered views of K–12 students, parents, and educators about critical digital age education and technology issues. The survey questions reflect many pertinent education topics impacting classrooms today—such as mobile learning, flipped classrooms, digital textbooks, virtual and blended learning, games, common core assessments and social media. Since 2003, more than 3 million K–12 education stakeholders have shared their ideas about digital learning through the Speak Up surveys. And we need your ideas too.
Speak Up is currently open for input through December 20, 2013. There is no cost to participate; no limit on the number of surveys that can be submitted; and all data collected is 100% confidential. The survey is available to anyone in having a voice on critical education and technology trends. 
To “Speak Up,” simply visit www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013  to take the survey. 
To learn more about Speak Up or to get your school, district or organization involved with Speak Up this year, please visit our website at www.tomorrow.org/speakup or contact Jenny Hostert on the Project Tomorrow team at jhostert@tomorrow.org / 949.609-4660 ext. 17.

Around the Web Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday…
Do you know what that means? It is Around the Web Wednesday!

Browse all the links below for the latest news and topics trending in education. Be sure to let us know which article intrigued you the most!
Be sure to check back each week for our Around the Web Wednesday Series
Have you participated in Speak Up 2013? Surveys are open to anyone interested in having a voice on critical education and technology trends. Go to www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013 to take the survey today. Surveys open to students, parents, educators and community members!
Enjoy your day.

Around the Web Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday…
Do you know what that means? It is Around the Web Wednesday!

Browse all the links below for the latest news and topics trending in education. Be sure to let us know which article intrigued you the most!
Be sure to check back each week for our Around the Web Wednesday Series
Have you registered for Speak Up 2013? Surveys are open through Dec. 20th! Make sure to take the survey so your voice can be heard! Surveys open to students, parents, educators and community members!
Enjoy your day.
-The Project Tomorrow team

Kick off to Speak Up 2013! Surveys are now open for input through Dec. 20th!

Happy October to all of our followers and supporters!
We hope the beginning of the month has treated you all well.
This Blog Post is specifically dedicated to the launch of SPEAK UP 2013! Below, you’ll find all the information you need on what’s new for 2013. Happy Reading, and remember to Speak Up now through December 20th!
–The Project Tomorrow team
1. Speak Up 2013 Questions
2. Registering for Speak Up
3. New changes to Speak Up 2013
4. Taking the Surveys
5. Speak Up 2013 Promotional Materials
New Questions about Gaming, Writing, Student Digital Footprints
Speak Up is officially open for input now through December 20th, 2013 at http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013!
This year, students will again be asked about their use of mobile tools, social networks and gaming as part of their learning in and out of the classroom. The survey will explore the concept of gaming in learning a little deeper this year to provide a comparison to similar questions asked in 2009. Students will also be asked about how they manage their digital footprints (i.e. the information about them that is available online).
Teachers and administrators will be asked about how technology used in the classroom, what they think new teachers need to know about technology use and how prepared they are for technology use. Parents will be asked about how their children use technology for learning, about their level of support for technology use in schools and familiarity with common core assessments.
For the first time, students and educators will be asked about how technology is being used (or not used) to teach and improve writing skills. Also new this year is a survey for community members, including child care providers, business leaders, grandparents, school board members, or anyone interested in local schools. Please be sure to share the Speak Up surveys with your network of friends and family- every voice counts! Together, let’s work towards leveraging technology to promote enhanced learning in our K-12 schools!
Additional questions topics include: learning and teaching with technology, 21st century skills, games, STEM career exploration, online and blended learning, flipped classrooms, mobile devices, digital and online textbooks, writing with technology, professional development, school-to-home communications, digital citizenship, and common core assessments.
To view PDF copies of the Speak Up 2013 questions, please visit our website at: http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/speakup_surveys.html

Registering for Speak Up 2013
After more than a decade and 3 million participants, Speak Up continues to be the only annual, national survey to ask students, educators and parents how they use – and how they would like to use – technology for learning.
All schools (public, charter and private) are eligible to participate in Speak Up—all you have to do is encourage your students, teachers, parents, administrators and community members to go online and take the 20 minute survey at: www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013now through December 20th! *Please note students will need a secret word to access the survey, which can be assigned during the primary contact registration process.
Get your school(s) and local community involved today! Sign up as the primary contact of your school or district to manage your information and assign an administrative password to access your local data starting February 5, 2014 (in celebration of Digital Learning Day).
You may sign up as a primary contact for your district via our website http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013/Register.aspx, or if you prefer, we are more than willing to complete the registration process for you– All you have to do is click here to send us an email with your registration request. Please include the name of your district or school, and state. We will then send you a follow up email with a PDF of your school list and passwords to confirm that your district/school has been registered.
For more information on registering as the primary contact please visit: http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/MainContactInformation.htmlor our FAQ page

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New Changes to Speak Up 2013
New Features include:
All schools and districts will be automatically registered to participate (listed as active). No longer need to register a school to take the survey, but school and district administrators are encouraged to sign up as the primary contact to manage school(s) information and assign an administrative password to gain access to local data come Feb. 2014!
Educators and parents will not be required to enter a survey password.
New survey created for Community members and Business Partners. So please be sure to take the survey today and share with your network of friends and family.
State Specific pages, check here to view your state specific page.
Lastly, we are excited to announce that this year we will be offering badges to all educators that complete the survey, we should hopefully have these available to participants a little later this week. *If you’ve already taken the survey, please contact the Speak Up Team for your badge at: speakup@tomorrow.org.
Instructions on How to Take the Survey
It’s quick and easy to get involved in Speak Up, to take the survey follow these 5 simple steps:
2. Click on the appropriate survey button
3. Follow the given instructions to access the survey. Begin by clicking on the drop down button and select your state, then go to the next line and type in your school name (community members select a school within your local community)
4. Students will be required to enter in their district’s survey password “secret word”. Educators, parents and community members are not required to enter in a survey password.
5. Complete the survey by December 20th, 2013
Not sure which survey to take? Visit our Tips on Deciding which Survey to Take, to help you select the survey that best meets your needs. http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013/TipsDeciding.aspx

Our helpful and handy promotional materials are here to help you spread awareness surrounding speak up!
Our newly updated promotional material pageprovides schools and districts with guides, e-mail templates, tweet lists, banners, and more!
To get started we suggest posting the Speak Up link http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013, dates (now-12/20) and survey password on your school calendar and/or websites as well as promoting/encouraging participation of the survey during back to school night activities & PTA meetings.
Below you will find NEW promotional materials that explain both the background and benefits of participation to help get the word out about Speak Up.
General Speak Up Information Flyer
Start spreading the word about Speak Up to your community! Share this speak up flyer with your staff, parents and local community members. Provides background information on the Speak Up Research project, available surveys, question topics and benefits of participation. Also great as an email, newsletter or blog template!
Teacher Invitation Flyer
This informational flyer is a great way to create awareness about the survey to teachers. The flyer explains the background of the Speak Up project and the importance of participation by teachers and their students. Also provides simple step by steps instructions for teachers to access the survey. *Similar flyers available for Students and Parents.
Speak Up 2013 Event Banners
Provide easy access to the Speak Up surveys by embedding one of our URL linked Speak Up banners on your district or school’s homepage, blogs or social media outlets, in your email’s signature or sharing the banner with other community websites (such as your city or county’s website).
Lesson Plans
Having your students take the survey in class? Use one of our Speak Up Lesson plans to facilitate participation. Also great activity for sub plans or before fall/winter break! K-2, 3-5 and 6-12 are now available for download.
Group Survey Instructions
If you are administering the survey as a group exercise, please download our group survey instructions. Includes a copy of the survey questions and a place to mark your collected responses. Group surveys are available for K-2 students, Parents, Parents (Spanish) and Community Members/Business Partners.
For more ideas, please check out our promo material pages website at: http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/promo.html
Not part of a school or district- help get the word out with our Partner Promotional Material Tools. If your organization is interested in partnering with Project Tomorrow this year to assist with outreach to your contacts, please contact Jenny Hostert at jhostert@tomorrow.org. For a list of Speak Up partners and sponsors please visit our website.
Thank you for your interest and continued support in Speak Up! We look forward to your participation in Speak Up 2013! Be sure to stay updated on all things Speak Up by following us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org or via phone at 949/609-4660 ext. 17.

Speak 2013 launches on Wednesday, October 2nd!

Happiest Monday to all our followers and supporters!

Speak Up 2013 launches October 2nd!
This week is an important week here at Project Tomorrow and at schools and districts across the nation…Do you know why?
That’s right, you guessed it! Speak Up 2013 is just about here! The 2 day countdown is on. Speak Up 2013 officially launches on Wednesday, October 2nd!
There is still time to register your school or district in Speak Up 2013. Registration can be found here. Be sure your school/district has a primary contact registered so that your data results can be viewed in February 2014. This year, no password is required for educators, but a student password is required, and can be created by the main/primary contact.
You may be asking yourself a few questions:
Where can I learn more about Speak Up? Click here. 
What are some of the few question themes on this year’s survey? Blended and flipped classrooms, digital footprints, attitudes toward technology, and digital games are just a few of the themes on this year’s surveys. Moreover, this year, we have a new community members survey. These surveys are meant to be taken by anyone in the community who wants to voice their opinions concerning technology in education.
Spread awareness surrounding Speak Up 2013 using our handy and convenient promotional materials which can be found here.
During the survey period, get the latest updates by following us here on this blog, twitter, and facebook.
Who will be speaking up on Wednesday, October 2nd? Be sure to let us know in the comments.
– The Project Tomorrow team

California Becomes the First State to Pass a Bill to Allow Minors to Delete Social Media Posts that may be Harmful to their Image

Minors Can Now Remove Past Social Media Posts
California Governor Jerry Brown recently approved a law that will give minors the freedom to delete information that may be harmful to their reputation on social media sites.
The law, which was signed on Monday, September 23rd, has been praised by some and criticized by others. Those who are for the law believe it will help minors avoid receiving a bad reputation that may be harmful in their academic, personal, and professional pursuits based on ill-conceived postings. Others opposing the law believe it is a slippery slope that could lead to more restrictions as to what should be removed from the Internet, leading to Internet censoring. 
What are your thoughts on the new law? Read more about it in The Los Angeles Times here.
This year, our Speak Up Surveys will ask questions related to a student’s digital footprint. 
An example question is:
Which of these statements reflect your thoughts about digital footprints (information that is available online about you from what you and others have posted)? (Check all that apply)
Speak Up Surveys are free, and schools and districts can receive access to their school and/or district’s data in February 2014. Results regarding a student population’s digital footprint will also be apart of that data.
Speak Up opens on October 2nd, and will run through December 20th.
To register, click here.
Our helpful and handy promotional materials can assist you in spreading the word about Speak Up to your students, parents, teachers, administrators, and more! View our full list here.
Questions about Speak Up? E-mail SpeakUp@tomorrow.org.
Join the Speak Up conversation on Twitter! #SpeakUp2013 & @speakuped
Have a wonderful day.
– The Project Tomorrow team 

Under Armour Next Generation Charity Challenge

We’re super excited to let you know that we’re part of the UA Next Generation Charity Challenge. The Challenge is a fundraising campaign being launched by Under Armour.

To give back, Under Armour will be donating $50,000+ to organizations like ours focused on sparking positive social change by fueling the behavioral, educational and physical advancement of the NEXT generation. 

The charity that raises the most throughout the Challenge will get $20,000 from Under Armour. Second place gets $10,000 and third gets $5000. We’re out to raise as much money as possible for our cause so we can win that $20,000 grand prize donation. 

We think we can win and to do so, we definitely need your help. Every donation makes a difference, no matter how small. 

To help now, please Click Here and give whatever you can. 

Or, if you want to go one step further, Go Here and click ‘Create Your Fundraiser.’ In seconds, you’ll have your own fundraiser that you can share with all of your family and friends so that you can raise money for our cause too.

Please email CrowdRise at UANEXTChallenge@CrowdRise.com if you have any questions at all and they’ll help solve everything. 

Thanks so much for your support. 

– The Project Tomorrow team

Around the Web Wednesday

It’s Wednesday…
Do you know what that means? It is Around the Web Wednesday!

Browse all the links below for the latest news and topics trending in education. Be sure to let us know which article intrigued you the most!
Be sure to check back each week for our Around the Web Wednesday Series
Have you registered for Speak Up 2013? Surveys launch next week on October 2nd! Make sure to register so your voice can be heard!
Enjoy your day.
-The Project Tomorrow team
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