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Around the Web Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to all our readers and supporters!

Today is Around the Web Wednesday here on the Project Tomorrow Blog. Below, you will find links to news articles and more highlighting relevant education topics and discussions.
Let us know which article intrigued you the most!
P.S. Don’t forget to register for Speak Up 2013. Information below.
Registration for Speak Up 2013
Thank you for your interest in Speak Up! Please send us an email at speakup@tomorrow.org with your registration request.
  1. Please include the name of your district or school
  2. Your State
  3. Name and email address of the main contact
    Main Contact’s Role: The main contact will be in charge of the promotion and encouragement of the survey, will receive emails with the up to date participation numbers by school and district, will be able to monitor your district/school’s survey counts at any time and will have access to your district and individual schools’ results come February 2014.
  4. A student survey password
  5. An organizational login password (to view weekly survey counts and other important updates during the survey period)
** To ensure confidentiality, every participating district is provided with two passwords: one organizational login password and one student survey password. The organizational login password is used for registering/updating contact information and to view your results come Feb. 2014. The student survey “secret word” password is what student participants will use when going to take the survey.
We will then send you a follow up email with a PDF of your school list and passwords to confirm that your district/school has been registered.

Speak Up 2013 Surveys will open October 2nd, 2013, and will run through December 20th, 2013!

Around the Web Wednesday
1. A large public university looks to expand its online education programs: Read it here
2. K-12 Blended and online learning programs: Read it here
3.  Blackboard Inc. chosen to implement state-wide online learning in Arkansas: Read it here
4. Mentoring programs for new teachers: Read it here
5. STEM education holds the key to success: Read it here
6. Teacher Ambassador Fellowships- Which teachers were chosen? Read it here
7. Google’s RISE awards: Read it here
8. Flipped classrooms: Read it here
9. Schools focusing on STEM education: Read it here
10. Race to the Top Grants: Read it here
– The Project Tomorrow Team