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Throwback Thursday – Breakdown of Speak Up 2012 Reports and whitepapers

Happy Thursday!

Speak Up 2013 is off and running! So far we’ve had over 25,000 surveys taken- a great start to the survey period! For this throwback Thursday we would like to share all the reports and whitepapers we’ve release this year. All Speak Up reports are available online and can be downloaded at:  http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/speakup_reports.html.  

From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom

2012 Congressional Briefing cover

From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom is the first in a two part series to document the key national findings from Speak Up 2012. For the past few years, Project Tomorrow has used the Speak Up survey to diligently document the growth in educators’ access to emerging technology devices, tools and services, and how that increased familiarity has resulted in greater interest in digital learning. The Speak Up survey data has also highlighted the growing expectations of parents each year for interactive and collaborative digital learning environments that they believe are essential for preparing their child to compete in the global information society. And, we have shared information and research over several years about the widespread national interest in enhanced college and career readiness for all K-12 students. Given all of those positive conditions, why is there so much new fervor around digital conversions today? What makes today’s education landscape different than last year, the year before or five years ago? What is different?

“From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom” takes an in-depth look at the transformative factors that are driving this new digital conversion momentum and the new capacities to build toward to support the process.
Click here to download the PDF of the report.

From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Emergence of the K-12 Digital Learner

2012 Student Congressional Briefing Cover
From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Emergence of the K-12 Digital Learner is the second in a two part series to document the key national findings from Speak Up 2012.  In 2003, The Speak Up National Research Project was born to give K-12 students a voice in critical conversations, and to hopefully provide their parents, teachers and administrators with new insights about the expectations and aspirations of these newly minted digital learners. Now in its tenth year, the annual Speak Up National Research Project and the resulting trends analysis provides a birds’ eye view of the changing environment for digital learning, both in and out of school. 

Click here to download the PDF of the report.

“2013 Trends In Online Learning Virtual, Blended And Flipped Classrooms”

Report Cover

2013 Trends in Online Learning Virtual, Blended and Flipped Classrooms highlights the latest Speak Up data with a particular focus on the role that online learning strategies can play within school and district digital conversions. With the impending implementation of the Common Core State Standards and other new standards, the timing is right to tap into the insights of key education stakeholders to explore both the benefits of online learning as well as how to leverage these tools and resources effectively to transform the learning experience.

Since 2007, Project Tomorrow has partnered with Blackboard Inc. to create a series of annual reports that focus on the year to year trends in the use of online learning to change the classroom learning paradigm through an in-depth analysis of the latest Speak Up national findings. In this latest update report, we examine the trends using an inside-out perspective on the classroom and the use of a variety of online learning strategies with students. In particular, we focus this year on the insights and experiences of four key stakeholders: administrators who have implemented online courses within their schools and districts, online learning teachers in virtual, blended or flipped classrooms, parents with personal online learning experiences, and the students who continue to be enamored with the potential of online learning to transform their educational experience.

Learning in the 21st Century: Digital Experiences and Expectations of Tomorrow’s Teachers

Tomorrow's Teachers cover

Project Tomorrow®, the national education nonprofit organization that annually facilitates the Speak Up National Research Project, conducted a special Speak Up survey in Spring 2012 for college students in teacher preparation programs.

Since 2007, Project Tomorrow has collaborated with Blackboard Inc. to create a series of annual reports that focus on key trends in the use of technology to increase student achievement, teacher productivity and parental engagement. This new report, “Learning in the 21st Century: Digital Experiences and Expectations of Tomorrow’s Teachers,” is the latest in the series and provides new insights that will inform college and university based teacher preparation programs as well as the induction and professional development processes within K-12 schools and districts. Tomorrow’s teachers may have the keys to finally unlock the potential of technology to transform teaching and learning, but much depends upon their experiences in their preparation program and how well future school leadership can support their expectations for essential technology tools and resources.

Leveraging Intelligent Adaptive Learning to Personalize Education

Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ is a new class of education technology that personalizes learning. It captures every decision a student makes and adjusts the student’s learning path both within lessons and between lessons, thereby providing millions of individualized learning paths, each tailored to the student’s unique needs in real time.
If you think this data is interesting and would like to gain a better understanding about your stakeholders’ perspectives about the use of technology for learning, participate in Speak Up 2013. Speak Up is now open for input and will run through December 20th.

Speak Up Surveys are free, and schools and districts can receive access to their school and/or district’s data in February 2014.

To take the survey, visit http://www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013,students will be required to enter in a survey password. Register as the primary contact of your school or district (at the link above) to manage your information, assign a student survey password to ensure confidentiality (all students will need to enter in the secret word to take the survey) and select an administrative password that will be used to access your local participant data beginning February 5, 2014. The data will be released on 2/5/14 in celebration of Digital Learning Day!

To learn more about signing up as the Primary Contact of your school(s) please click here.

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Mobile Learning: Transforming Education and Engaging Students and Teachers

Happy Tuesday to all our followers and supporters! 

Last week, on September 17th, Project Tomorrow’s CEO Julie Evans participated in a panel discussion at Brookings in Washington D.C., concerning the subject of mobile technology in our K-12 schools. 
Mobile technology is in a plethora of ways transforming education in the United States. But what do these changes look like, and what do they mean for the enhancement of educational comprehension for our K-12 students?
To learn more, view the panel discussion here. Be sure to let us know your thoughts, and join the conversation on Twitter at #ProjectTomorrow, #SpeakUp, and #TechCTI.
Don’t forget to register your school/district for Speak Up 2013! The countdown to October 2nd is on! 
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