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Exciting grant opportunity for technology and engineering teachers!


Excellence in Teaching Technology and Engineering

The Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators in cooperation with Pitsco/Hearlihy & Company proudly announces the $2,000 Pitsco/Hearlihy/FTEE Grant in honor of Tom and Mary Hearlihy. The grant is for a technology and engineering teacher at any grade level (K-12). Its purpose is to recognize and encourage the integration of a quality technology and engineering education program within the school curriculum. Criteria include: (1) evidence of an effective quality technology and engineering education program, (2) documented success in the integration of technology and engineering education with other academic subjects, and (3) plans for professional development via the anticipated grant.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Applicant must be an ITEEA member and register for the ITEEA Annual Conference.
    (Membership may be enclosed with scholarship application).
  • Applicant must be a teacher (elementary or secondary) who is successfully integrating technology and engineering education within the school curriculum. (Applicant above the elementary school level must be a technology/engineering teacher.)
  • Applicant must attend the conference awards ceremony where award is presented.
Application and Deadline:  Applicants must submit an application package, postmarked by December 1, that consists of four sets of the following required items:
  • Letter of application with a clear explanation of: (a) the technology and engineering education program, (b) how technology and engineering education is integrated with other academic subjects, (c) plans for using the grant, and (d) identification details – school name, grade level, address, telephone, and home address.
  • School-based curriculum materials and/or a 10-min. maximum video (mpeg, wmv, or avi) illustrating how technology and engineering education is integrated with other academic subjects in the school.
  • Three recommendation letters that confirm the success of integrating technology and engineering education with other subjects. One letter must be from the principal and at least two must be from other academic teachers.
Mail to:

Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators
1914 Association Drive, Suite 201
Reston, VA 20191-1539
703/860-2100, FAX 703/860-0353

Grant Presentation:  The grant is provided directly to the teacher and will be presented during the ITEEA Annual Conference.
Click here to learn more about the grant on ITEEA’s website

Estella’s Brilliant Bus Brings Technology to You!

Estella Pyfrom understands the importance of technology and its effect on learning. During her years as a guidance counselor, the CNN Heroes of 2013 nominee realized that few students had access to a computer after school. This lack of technology in students’ households was due to the economy: families prioritized their money and used it towards basic needs (i.e. food, rent) rather than towards technology. Because of this, Pyfrom feared these students would fall behind due to the large increase of technology in everyday use.
This concern is what launched Estella’s Brilliant Bus. In 2011 Pyfrom bought a bus and filled it with computers in order to provide technology to children. With her bus, she is hoping that less fortunate children are able to receive the same opportunities as other children. According to the Institute of the Study of Labor, “students who lack access to a home are less likely to graduate high school.” With Estella’s Brilliant Bus, Pyfrom and her volunteers target children ages three and up, providing classes and tutoring sessions on Internet basics, reading, math, and science classes. Older students are able to receive GED and college preparatory assistance, peer mediation classes, and even leadership training.
Through Estella’s Brilliant Bus, Pyfrom and her team have provided over 8,000 hours of computer education to at least 500 children a year. She has seen students benefit in both academics and life skills just by receiving one-on-one time with a computer. She hopes to not only see her services spread throughout the country, but also continue to help students keep up with technology’s rapidly growing presence in the world.
To read more about Estella’s Brilliant Bus, please check out the CNN article, ‘Brilliant Bus’ shrinking digital divide or visit the Estella’s Brilliant Bus website.
Are you part of a community group, non-profit, or association working with children, parents, educators or members of the community? Interested in their use of technology? Get involved with Speak Up! Schools and districts are not the only participants collecting data from this valuable survey, many organizations are using Speak Up data to help with their own planning. If you are interested in getting your organization involved, please contact Jenny Hostert on the Speak Up Team at jhostert@tomorrow.org
Speak Up is open to anyone interested in participating and sharing their thoughts on critical 21st century education and technology issues. Take the survey today at: www.speakup4schools.org/speakup2013 and be sure to share with your network of friends and family! Every voice counts!
Thank you for reading and have a great day!
-Project Tomorrow Team
Written by: Lisa Chu UCI Fall Intern 2013

Speak 2013 launches on Wednesday, October 2nd!

Happiest Monday to all our followers and supporters!

Speak Up 2013 launches October 2nd!
This week is an important week here at Project Tomorrow and at schools and districts across the nation…Do you know why?
That’s right, you guessed it! Speak Up 2013 is just about here! The 2 day countdown is on. Speak Up 2013 officially launches on Wednesday, October 2nd!
There is still time to register your school or district in Speak Up 2013. Registration can be found here. Be sure your school/district has a primary contact registered so that your data results can be viewed in February 2014. This year, no password is required for educators, but a student password is required, and can be created by the main/primary contact.
You may be asking yourself a few questions:
Where can I learn more about Speak Up? Click here. 
What are some of the few question themes on this year’s survey? Blended and flipped classrooms, digital footprints, attitudes toward technology, and digital games are just a few of the themes on this year’s surveys. Moreover, this year, we have a new community members survey. These surveys are meant to be taken by anyone in the community who wants to voice their opinions concerning technology in education.
Spread awareness surrounding Speak Up 2013 using our handy and convenient promotional materials which can be found here.
During the survey period, get the latest updates by following us here on this blog, twitter, and facebook.
Who will be speaking up on Wednesday, October 2nd? Be sure to let us know in the comments.
– The Project Tomorrow team

The Future of Personalized Learning in Elementary Schools

A Webinar Sponsored by DreamBox Learning

Be sure to register for Thursday’s webinar- 08/29 
Have you participated in one of Julie Evans’ past webinars? If so, what new insights did you learn? If you haven’t had the chance to participate in any of Julie Evans’ past webinars, you may view them here
This coming Thursday, August 29th, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in another free webinar session presented by Project Tomorrow’s CEO, Julie Evans, and Neal Manegold, Curriculum Producer of DreamBox Learning.

The webinar, appropriately titled The Future of Personalized Learning in Elementary Schools, will focus upon the topic of personalized learning, and how today’s technological resources can help achieve personalized learning in our elementary schools.

To register for Thursday’s webinar, click here. The webinar will take place from 3-4pm Eastern time.

Who will be attending? Let us know in the comments! Have a great Tuesday.

– The Project Tomorrow team

Project Tomorrow Endorses ConnectED

Project Tomorrow is pleased to endorse ConnectED!
Project Tomorrow is pleased to endorse the ConnectED Initiative!
ConnectED is President Obama’s plan for preparing our students to be ready for careers in our current & future job market. Careers are overwhelmingly requiring, and will continue to require, technological skills of employees and employers.
The ConnectED Initiative will connect 99% of all K-12 schools in the United States with high speed wireless Internet connection within the next five years.
The ConnectED Initiative  will also invest in training our educators in utilizing technology to enhance the educational quality of our students.
To learn more about the ConnectED Initiative and learn how ConnectED works, visit the White House site here.
Please also read a letter written to the Federal Communications Commission, and endorsed by non-profit organizations (including Project Tomorrow), and other entities supporting the enhancement of educational quality in the United States here.
Speak Up Surveys, an initiative of Project Tomorrow, asks students, educators, parents, school and district administrators, community members, and more their unfiltered viewpoints on pivotal educational programs and concepts. We then synthesize the research, and release our results with local and national representatives to aid in the pursuit of educational enhancement.
Registration for Speak Up will begin shortly! Please continue to check our website, Project Tomorrow & Speak Up for more information.
Have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for your continued support in Project Tomorrow.
– The Project Tomorrow Team

Throwback Thursday

It’s Throwback Thursday here on the Project Tomorrow Blog!
What is your favorite memory of your K-12 education? Was it a particular teacher, subject, or project you worked on?
12 o'clock,timepieces,holidays,household,midnight,New Years,special occasions,hours,minutes,hands
Looking back, what technology do you wish you had during your school years? Would it be the Internet, a laptop, a tablet, a calculator, or something else? How do you think it would have helped you?
Looking forward, what technological resources do you think can aid our students in their educational pursuits in our K-12 schools?
Be sure to join us in the conversation! Post your comments below!
– The Project Tomorrow Team
*Be sure to keep checking our website, www.tomorrow.org. We will be unveiling a shiny new website in the next coming weeks!
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Learning in Technological Places

A report released by The Wallace Foundation leads to interesting new developments in arts education, and details where the majority of students are receiving their education in the arts.
art supplies,arts,easels,visual arts
Students are turning to other avenues to
obtain their art skills & education.
A recent report by The Wallce Foundation indicates interesting facts about where students are increasingly getting their education in the arts.
The report notes that students are, surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly to some), receiving their education in the arts not from art class or music class, but rather from cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and television, to name a few.
Students are overwhelmingly doing this by turning to iPods to listen to several musical varieties, watching visual computer animated films, and creating their own art through a variety of computer programs available today.
This new research could play an important role in arts education & curriculum moving forward: How can educators use these new insights in curriculum planning and development?
While many schools are being limited or have no access to arts education funding, technology could potentially hold the answer to this problem.
Read the Wallace article here for more information, and/or read KPCC’s (Southern California Public Radio) review of the research here
What are your thoughts on this topic?
Share your comments with us below.
-The Project Tomorrow team